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Meeting of Krulak committee,




Justice (RFK?)


- Mexicans willing, privately, to help

- need authority to act

- interdiction of gun-running, locally

- restrictions on travel

- Travel to be controlled at sources, not international waters

- communications to other nations, letting them know that they can help.

- easy to put two people at each of 93 non -US airfields within reach of Cuba for surveillance 



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JUWTFA Activated after the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force, Atlantic

- Prepare, Cordinate and execute operations against Cuba

- Reduce affectiveness and morale of Castro goverment

- Assist in establishing friendly political control of Cuba

- 1959 JUWTFA predecessor comprised of 26 officers and 7 enlisted men (Unified Action Armed Forces)

- initial JUWTFA staffing inadequate, required considerable augmentation

- Additional Army and Air Force personnel obtained

- 26, Nov. 62 letter proposed actions to bring JUWTFA planning to full wartime compliment

- 2 Submarines and 2 Seal Teams provided






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C. TRACY BARNES, Chief of Political and Psychological Warfare

A 1953 document of interest to those interested in the subject of radio broadcasting or in the author, Tracy Barnes









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HSCA commentary on Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations on the Performance of Intelligence Agencies in the Inevestigation of Assassination.

Blatantly critical of the FBI and CIA.

Early mention is made of Gelberto Lopez' flight to Cuba via Mexico, beginning on Nov. 23, 1963.


Mention made of:


LIFIRE - joint program with the Mexican security forces. LIFIRE obtained passenger manifests of all commercial flights, passport photographs of travelers to Cuba, and could sometimes even follow a passenger to the hotel with their surveillance truck. 

Giberto Lopez (Mar. 19, 1964)  is said to have been involved in the Kennedy Assassination

- March '64 report on Lopez " jibes fully" with that provided station by LITEMPO early December, 1963.

- Lopez' wife stated that Lopez suffered bouts of epilepsy, and had to be confined to Jackson State Hospital (crossed-out in Key West crossed-out).

           - assuming this is Jackson State Hospital, Mississippi. No such place in Key West.

-Lopez' FPCC activities

-- CIA provided no information on Lopez to the Warren Comission

- FBI provided one singe piece of Lopez information, regarding a check, to the Warren Comission








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I am collecting documents which contain CIA location codes on a thread in the JFK Research Subforum, linked below. Please post any documents which you may come-across to the thread  linked below.

Location Codes are usually a 2 digit - 2 digit format, in place or a redacted locale (e.g. 15-20)


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Many individual captions of activities and contacts with Bernard Barker; AMCLATTER 1



"Barker drove to ZRMETAL to ask for Hunt on the matter" (p.2)

What is ZRMETAL?

P.7   Letter addressed to Barker at British Embassy, Moscow. Dated 9-63

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147 page HSCA document "Seeks to review........ organized crime's involvement in the CIA's operations against Cuba during 1960-63"


p.1  "CIA.... was not using it's full capacity to investigate Oswald's Pro-Castro and Anti-Castro connections."





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