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New document releases 2017

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190 page doc (first 13 pages should be typed out and searchable, very interesting)


First 13 pages; handwritten, extensive account of Hunt's CIA career. 

      1.5 years in Spain, as a writer; paid; program to improve CIA image by writing spy novels.

Paid employee until June, 19, 1972 "Watergate"

P.17 subject (Rothman?) tells Felt he could probably produce two MIG aircraft, brought to US by Czech and Cuban pilots. Arranged by Frank Fiorini (p.19)

P.21 Rothman in Dallas, sept 1958, PR firm (Phillips?). $13.5 million heist of Canadian Bank to meet emergency request in Caribbean. Money later turned-up in Cuba, Australia, Shanhai, Argentina.

P.22 Rothman in Dallas in Oct. 1960 to cut a 5 year deal Diesel to be delivered to Germany.

P.25 Rothman has 100 pilots who participated in BOPi, now working, flying for Congolese Air Force.

P.26 Ed Browder offers Henry Luce exclusive rights to coverage of revolution in Costa Rica.

P.27 Jack Ruby sent to Israel with a contingent of trade-unionists.

P.30 Ruby in Cuba in 62. Ruby and Oswald in several photographs.

P.32 Memo for Hoover from Angleton (30 Jan. 64) States Ruby in Cuba, late 62, early 63.

P.36 Jose Luanza can furnish background info on Oswald and his efforts to infiltrate DRE.

P.36 James Kelley Lowe, former USAF intel officer, wife a soviet agent. Lowes were in company of Ruby and Oswald 6-8 weeks prior to assassination.

P. 39-41 on Gordon Mclendon

P.64 John Martino

P.65. Jack Ruby's safe stolen prior to auction (news article, may 1, 1972)

P.68 Miunutemen capabilities, culpability, and arms cache's. Robert DePugh

P.70-92 many CIA Cryptonyms

P.71 7 aliases for Hunt

P.93 JMMARC Crypt for Hunt, not on Mary Farrell list

P.94 Richard Cain. Kennedy Assassination, FPCC

P.145  Hunt = Twicker

P.109 Mr. Abbott = Dave Phillips

P. @109 is a handwritten version of https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=37207#relPageId=3&tab=page (Thanks to John Newman)



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Weird document. Not a speech. Too much detail to be notes from a speech. 

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8 minutes ago, Paul Brancato said:

Weird document. Not a speech. Too much detail to be notes from a speech. 

I know. I am not saying it is a speech, but for a document, JFK rings through, almost like a speech. Do you get the impression that JFK wrote this? I do. 

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I don’t. But it’s just an opinion. Maybe it’s a draft by someone working for JFK, working paper of sorts. I’d love to know.


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13 Page document. 

Money Laundering and drug transactions in Cuba. NYC Fur trade, Prostittution. Mafia arms procurements.. FBI informants.

Subject: Sebastian John Larocca

First National Bank,  Meyer Lansky, money laundering with Cuban money. Lansky banned from Cuba.

Albert Anastasia assassination, Appalachin conference, division of gambling rights in Florida.

Joseph Silesi, Santos Trafficante

Harry Barnett, Salvatore Badalamenti, Saul Gold, Abraham Chait, Joseph Berger, Sam Berger


T-1 Albert Cupelli

T-2 Joseph Amato

T-3 Anthony Ciborski

T-9 Lt. John Thompson NYPD

T-11 Alex Fudemam

T-13 Michael Romanelli

T-14 Rocco Covucci

T-15 William Cassillo

T-18 Pasquale Cossentino

T-20 Frank Calluccio

T-29 James Anthony Madden

T-30 Guido De Phillips

T-31 Dominick Spollidoro

T-36 Lorraine Devine

T-38 Gloria Baily

T-40 Lt. M. B. Phillips, Los Angeles.

T-41 Cpt. James Hamilton,, Los Angeles

T-47 Vincent Cmar

T-48 James C. Hill, Tampa

T-52 Albert Silverman, Tampa

T-53 John O'Mara

T-55 James Trombetta

T-58 Hodges Hamilton, Dallas

T-59 Edward Weinstein, NYC, Banker's Trust

T-61  R. Ellis, NYPD

T-63 Frank Nolan, SA

T-64 Minnie Matheson

T-66 Max Heilbronner

T-67 Arthur Newman, Havana

T-68 Eugene Niannini

T-72 Lt. Sal Fiola 

T-74 John Fells

T-75 Jack Herbert Reiner

T-83 Harry Finkel

T-85 Bernard Hughes

T-87 Frank Vescio

T-89 Joe Schonberger

T-91 Percell Granville

T-92 John Andrew White



Edited by Michael Clark
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