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When was Joe Hagan at the autopsy? Need 5/17/1996 full 2.5 hr audio from ARRB and/or Livingstone's references.

Micah Mileto

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I am trying to piece together a perfect timeline of the JFK autopsy. I suspect that it did not end at 11 PM as most incarnations of the official story state, but at 2:30 AM. That would then give the Gawler's funeral home reconstruction  1 1/2 hours to complete by 4 AM.

There are many conflicting reports about when Mr. Joe Hagan of Gawler's funeral home was at the autopsy. Some sources place it early, like Tom Robinson, others say he and Joe Gawler were still at the funeral home helping Kennedy's aides pick the replacement mahogany casket around midnight, others indicate he only arrived around 2 AM. Sibert and O'Neil left the autopsy at around 11 PM, and he is listed in their report as "Mr. Hagen" (misspelled like other names, but the only person not given a first name). I suspect that he drove back and forth between Gawler's and Bethesda at least once. If anybody can give a full excerpt, or only the relevant parts of his 8/15/1991 and 8/28/1991 interviews featured in Livingstone's High Treason 2 or his 3/31/1993 interview featured in Killing the Truth, I think I can stop going crazy over all of this contradictory evidence. 


As his 5/17/1996 ARRB interview summary states, there also exists an unreleased 2 1/2 hour audio interview of him. 



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