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Jefferson Morley: Spies, Lies, and the Murder of a President

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Excellent.  Thanks, I literally finished Jeff's book on Angleton, Ghost, less than an hour before I came here.  While he or the book do not really perpetuate this theory the female interviewer does not get it: The CIA or Angleton did not just keep files on Oswald from 1959 - 63, they used him.  Russian dangle (in a mole hunt?).  DRE And FPCC dangle in New Orleans, Plus sheep dipped?  Mexico City...  Dallas as a Patsy?  Phillips should have been prosecuted for walking out on the HSCA.


I came to the site perusing with a different thought in mind.  This subject is well worth further discussion.  Thanks again for the link.  I'll be back.

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42 minutes ago, James DiEugenio said:

By the way, I saw Morley on CBC.

It appears his position has now evolved somewhat. I would have to say that he is more in the critical camp today than say a year or two ago.

To be honest he sounded more so in the interview Mark linked and his book than my post indicated. I didn't want to possibly put words into his mouth so to speak.  Apologies to Jeff.  A couple of positive e-mail responses to ronnie wayne encouraged me to comment several years ago.  The book would have been too big for the publishers or most of the public if he delved into Joannides, Phillips and Morales further.  Maybe another book on them, soon?  BTW Jim, new work by you in book form would be appreciated by some of us.  

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