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Interesting Article on the Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle

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If you listen to Jim DiEugenio's review of the Oswald mock trial recorded for Black Op Radio last week, there's some mention of two Klein's employees telling John Armstrong that the WC rifle/scope combination wasn't sold as a package by Klein's, or mounted by Klein's gunsmiths.

The GunsAmerica article also assumes an " en-bloc clip that was found in the gun."


OK, the article starts out saying, " our test rifle has the original scope mount and scope found on Oswald’s as well," but later admitting that " Our scope is clearly a replica and not the same model as the Oswald scope, but it is the same power and the mount is identical "  Shims as well?

I think there are people on this Forum that could research and write this piece more accurately.

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The biggest anomaly about the MC gun is this - we're expected to believe that Oswald brought the gun in broken down in the paper bag.  Then, sometime from the time he arrives to work until 12.30, he reassembled the gun and somehow sighted the gun but did not test fire it which I've read is a requirement after you assemble a gun. And he was supposed to have done this in a building with dozens of people coming and going about their regular work day.

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