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Best Book on RFK in 30 Years

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I usually do not post something that is not directly related to the JFK case in this forum. 

But this new book about RFK, The Revolution of Robert Kennedy, is so good its the exception to the rule.

It makes three things clear, first RFK never endorsed what LBJ was doing in Vietnam after President Kennedy's assassination.  He was against it from the get to as early as 1964.

Second, Bobby was very disappointed in what LBJ and Thomas Mann did to the Alliance for Progress, and he made that clear obvious, doing everything short of encouraging revolution on his trip to Latin America.

Third, his journey to South Africa was simply a splendid move on his part.  Visiting the student who invited him there and was placed under house arrest for that gesture.

The reason I post it here is that the author's thesis is that Bobby Kennedy did what the did because he quickly saw that what Johnson did was not furthering, but subverting what JFK had done, especially in foreign policy. So it was his way of maintaining his brother's legacy.  A really fine effort by John H. Bohrer.  Read it as a Xmas gift to yourself to see what this country could have been and not long ago how the choice was not restricted to Trump and HRC.


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