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David Lifton spots a piece of scalp in the Moorman photo.

Sandy Larsen

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15 hours ago, Steven Kossor said:

I'd welcome any deeper understanding of the rest of the visual record of the JFKA.  The Zfilm has received entirely too much ink (in more ways than one).

Thank you so much for your curiosity Mr. Kossor, the next long reply will be made to you.  I have a few calls to make and I'll be back (in my best Schwarznegger accent"

Gayle Nix Jackson

In the interim, look at the splice.  Why?  This isn't the Nix film, its the Muchmore film, but for years they were together at UPI.  There are splices in the Nix film as well.  

Muchmore Splice.jpg

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many thanks for sharing your story here. Fingers crossed for you in your quest to find the original film recorded by your grandfather. That film is not the only one sorely missed - researchers cannot get access to Wiegman or Couch/Darnell films either, albeit for a different reason. I am not sure about the original Hughes film, however, the copies floating around on the Internet are very poor and may have even been edited. The primary visual evidence is essential for cracking the JFK assassination case.

I hope you will let us know about what happened to the Nix film.

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Thank you, Gayle.  It seems that everyone who surrendered an original film lost it to a boondoggle of media, government agencies and archivists.  It's probably not something that happens in the digital age, and in the climate of suspicion that followed the 1960s assassinations.

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Jamey Flanagan This is a reply to your May 15, 2021 post.


1. Your photo #1 is known, and has been analysed.  It has been called "The Black Dog Man."  The same image was captured by Phil Willis in Dealey Plaza that day.  Refer to Willis #5. See below.  What is not explained is how, in Phil Willis' next photo of nearly the same exact scene, the "Black Dog Man" has vanished from view.  In your image, and in Willis #5, the "Black Dog Man"is not exactly "on the steps."  He is situated in a grassy area behind the retaining wall, and just feet East of the steps.  Go to Dealey Plaza and you can see for real what I'm talking about.

2.  Your second photo shows what possibly are two [or three] men, situated just behind the wooden picket fence, next to the pergola.  One of the men has previously been referred to as "The Badgeman," who was dressed like a Dallas Police Officer.  This image of "The Badgeman" has been analyzed by many researchers.  So, you can look it up.


3.  Your third image is thought by researchers to be an army private in uniform.  The private told authorities [or somebody] that he was in that exact place when shots were fired.  There is a YouTube video of this man telling his story.  Many don't believe it.  So what?  Anyhow the private said that 1.) his camera was confiscated at the scene by someone looking "official;"and 2.) the next day, he was transferred to a post in Alaska, against his prevailing wishes. 

Conclusion:  You have a very good eye.  You have been able to pick out what many believe are real human beings, caught in the Moorman photo.  What you point out are not ghosts or phantoms.


download (1).jpg

download (2).jpg


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