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William Harvey knew John Roselli - SSCIA documents show

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William Harvey urged by White House to establish MOB related assassination squads?


This one is good read - https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/157-10004-10138.pdf

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16 hours ago, Keyvan Shahrdar said:

That last one sure is a good read. I wish one of our intrepid researchers would examine this and fill in some blanks. 

Larry - the cryptonym WIROTH was mentioned on another doc related to QJWIN and Harvey. Do you know who that is? 

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Paul, first off I have never seen WI/ROTH or for that matter another WI prefix so its quite unclear what it might relate to...certainly not one of our routine Cuba or other related crypts.

Second, that final document is going to require some thought, for starters I would offer a few things as context.

1) Its pretty well documented that up to the Bay of Pigs, Bissell was indeed one of the two guys who signed off on assassination projects and of course there was a Castro assassination aspect in play in 1961. So finding Bissiell associated with assassinations is at least consistent; finding him aware of the Castro assassination plot is also consistent. . 

2) Following the disaster at the BOP Bissell got signed lined and his role gets to be very unclear, certainly he was under a major cloud after that even though he tried to carry on as if he was not - constantly touting that all the blame should fall on the White House and JFK.

3) We now know that Bissell lied to both the White House and to his own staff officers in the Cuba project, repeatedly, baldly and disastrously.   I think I cover that  pretty well in Nexus but others have documented in much more detail. His behavior in that project raises extreme credibility problems with any of his subsequent remarks.

4) Bissell tried to blame everything and anything about the BOP failure on the WH and to some extent was allowed to continue such remarks by the CIA's Directors even in the fact of an IG report that concluded something far different...again, from that point on Bissell's reliability becomes very questionable.

After reading this further it seems pretty consistent with what we know in regard to Harvey but to what extent the remarks purportedly coming from Bissell in regard to the WH are accurate is still questionable - especially since other sources tell us Harvey was getting his Magic Button directions from Helms. It's possible this internal CIA document is intended to shift attention from Helms to Bissell and on towards the WH.  It also does a fine job of keeping Angleton out of the Harvey assassination program dialog and we know Angleton was far more involved than this suggests. I've also just finished reviewing another document where Bissell himself seems to be actively trying to point Congressional inquiries about assassination towards the WH; he definitely was a man to hold a grudge.




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On 12/23/2017 at 11:21 AM, Joe Bauer said:


EXCLUSIVE FROM JFK FACTS (jkfkacts.org) William K. Harvey was one of the big men of CIA in it earliest days. A former FBI agent,

at 4:51; speaking of Harvey's relationship with Roselli:  "... and he had been recruited against Kennedy .... er ... Castro."

Methinks the truth slipped out there at the end.

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