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Story of the Ex-Nazi Officer Who Masterminded the JFK Assassination

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Paul - the old German Nazis and the new American ones were connected through Walker, and also through the CIA and Dulles, and through Permindex. 

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On 1/20/2018 at 5:14 AM, Paul Trejo said:


In my opinion, the grain of truth in this line of speculation is that Robert Alan Surrey, one of the witnesses for the Warren Commission, actually was a Nazi.   Specifically, he was a Dallas Publisher for the ANP, the American Nazi Party, led by George Lincoln Rockwell.

Robert Alan Surrey was also the President of Ex-General Edwin Walker's "American Eagle Publishing Company,"  He kept an office inside Walker's home at 4011 Turtle Creek Boulevard in Dallas in 1962-1964.

Like all white racists in 1963, Robert Alan Surrey spoke kindly about the KKK and the White Citizens Councils (aka. Citizens Councils) coast to coast.   When General Walker went out on speaking tours, it was often to a Citizens's Council rally, to a John Birch Society rally, to a NSRP rally,  or to a KKK rally.   

Bringing back segregation to US Public Schools was the most common topic; and overthrowing the government was the second.

In the Walker-did-it CT, promoted by Jeff Walker in his recent book, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy; the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015), the connections between Walker and these Radical Right groups in America are spelled out in great detail.

So -- I do think that there was some Nazi connection with the JFK assassination -- but not the old German sort -- it was the new American sort.   Front and center.

--Paul Trejo

There's a fundamental philosophy associated with the term 'Nazi' - old German sort, or "new American sort" - just as there is with the word "Socialist." Fundamentally - and more importantly philosophically - a thing is either 'socialist,' or it's not. Something is either 'Naziist,' or it's not.

So it matters none to me "which" type of Nazi may or may not have been connected to Jack's death. Whoever was connected is a much worse sort of person than any Nazi. They're all effin' slugs, less than human, less than slugs, even. :) Nazi, Bircher, Oil Magnate, CIA, Vice President, whichever was involved in the assassination = they're all P'sOS.

That wasn't my concern in the grand scheme of things, and my original comment wasn't about Nazi collusion - it was that there were powerful US Americans (i.e., Prescott Bush, et al) who were well associated with the Nazis that far back - long before the JFK Assassination.

I joined the US Navy in 1983 because I was proud of my country (I am now more than ever) and because there existed 'entities' like Nazi Germany. (Also because I had no real baseball prowess, but that's another story.) To look back on what I put into my Navy 'career' and to now discover that there were "americans" who colluded, albeit financially, with the Nazis - EFFIN' BREAKS MY HEART.

That was my point.

It is notable that those of us who have studied this murder are the few who understand that agencies like the DNC, DOJ  - and the FBI - are among the snakes in the grass - while we are today learning that little has changed, as memos are being leaked and text messages being "lost" which would indict such agencies as the snakes that they were - and are.

"We" are little surprised (and still distraught) about hearing such things that we've heard these past few days, because we've known of the ugly legacy of the FBI - unknown to the common man - since FDR (or before, probably). Not surprised, and still saddened, that this xxxx continues.

So I could really care less about what type of Nazi, or Bircher, or Oilman, was involved on killing John F Kennedy. I only care which snakes were in the grass.


Edited by Glenn Nall
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On ‎1‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 9:48 AM, Paul Brancato said:

Paul - the old German Nazis and the new American ones were connected through Walker, and also through the CIA and Dulles, and through Permindex. 

Paul B.,

I just don't accept that -- it's too vague and makes links and connections that have no material evidence.   It's abstract.

Yes, Walker was a Radical Rightist.  But he was not a Nazi.  He did not believe in Aryan supremacy in-itself, the way an authentic Nazi does.

Walker was a White Southern Conservative, living (in his mind) in the 1920's, when the KKK roamed free around the South.

The KKK, furthermore, did not begin as Nazi, Aryan supremacists, instead, as shown by their Cross Burning, they were Radical Christians, committed to Slavery of Black Americans on economic grounds, and to the suppression of Jews and Catholics on Religious grounds.

It is certainly a cultural similarity, but it also very different on many issues.   

The Aryan supremacy of the Nazi made them behave in the weirdest ways imaginable -- goose-stepping with those colorful costumes with the Black Swaztika in a White Circle in a Red background, and boasting that that they were going to "rule the world."   It was unique in the 20th century, and it is incorrect to say that they imitated the KKK, or that the KKK imitated them.

General Walker, furthermore, did not join the KKK -- in fact, they offered him a role as a Grand Wizard, and he TURNED THEM DOWN.   That's because hatred of Black Americans was not his main cause.  Political power was his main cause.   He believed (like George Wallace) that the KKK was still a powerful force in US politics, as it was in the 1920's, when Woodrow Wilson was in office.  It was only POLITICS that drove Walker, just as it drove Wallace.

There was no ideology of Racial Supremacy that drove these men.   That is very different from the Nazi -- starting with Adolf Hitler and down the line, to all the leaders of the Nazi movement.  They were all committed, heart and soul, to the doctrine of Aryan Supremacy (which was first articulated in the 1880's in the Theosophy of Madame Blavatsky).

As for Alan Dulles and the CIA of the late 1940's, the reason that they hired ex-Nazis was because the USA quickly joined England to oppose the USSR in everything.   Communism became our instant new enemy (following Winston Churchill).   The ex-Nazi bureaucrats had tons of files on Communists throughout Europe,  Those files became super-valuable to the CIA, and that is the main reason why they hired ex-Nazis.   The emphasis is on the EX. 

The CIA was never Nazi.  That's a left-wing myth.

Also, the notion of Permindex being a thread to tie the Old Nazi regime of Germany to the new CIA of the USA is more mythology.   The CIA took over all the old files that the Third Reich kept on individual Communists and Red groups.  But the USA defeated the Nazi regime.   So that's rational. 

As for General Walker, he had nothing to do with that -- and unless you show material evidence that he was directly involved, I mock the very notion.  General Walker was a Radical Right winger in the South -- where it was easy to be Right-wing.   He pushed for his Party (the DIxiecrats) and his many losses did not deter him. 

Walker's greatest frustration in life was that RFK and JFK had sent him to an insane asylum following the deadly Ole Miss riots of 1962 -- stripping him of any chance of political power in the USA for the rest of his life.   He vowed revenge in January 1963, when he was acquitted by a Grand Jury of charges that he led those riots. 

Lee Harvey Oswald was General Walker's first target in his plot for revenge.   The nerve of this ex-Marine defector to the USSR bringing back a Russian wife to DALLAS of all places!

--Paul Trejo

Edited by Paul Trejo
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On 1/5/2018 at 4:17 PM, Glenn Nall said:

As best I can remember, G. de Mohrenschildt was on Dresser's board along with several other notables. Prescott Bush and his sons were connected. Also the creator and director was some dude whose memory also escapes me, an Army Intel guy, and very wrapped up in all this ugliness.

But WAIT - there's MORE...




"Dresser Industries was a multinational corporation headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States, which provided a wide range of technology, products, and services used for developing energy and natural resources. In 1998, Dresser merged with its main rival Halliburton "



Steve Thomas

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