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Tracking Oswald: Part 7

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Bob Baer did not give up on his lousy six parter that went over like a lead balloon.

Here he is to time another part for the final release of the documents.  This Castro did it crap never stops.

Since he will not stop, neither will we.



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He believes:

1)  There was a conspiracy to enact the assassination

2)  Oswald did not act alone

3)  There was a conspiracy to cover up the conspiracy

4)  Hoover was a main coordinator of the cover up.

All good for him to come around to.

Now, then he places the blame at Russia and Cuba and innocently says Hoover was trying to prevent world war III.

Lets examine that, how does it make sense that he was concerned with WWIII?  If so, where was he when we almost went to war in Cuba over the missles, Vietnam, most importantly, the Bay of Pigs.  It is strange that he would try to make Hoover a hero for covering up the assassination as if he did, he was committing treason, obstruction of justice,  perjury along with other crimes.  So I tend to disagree with Mr. Baer.

Now, what other scenarios does he ignore? 

Oswald's close connections with the FBI, Hosty, the memos dating back to 1960 regarding Oswald and/or his double wandering around the country.

He ignores LBJ's close relationship with Hoover.

He uses my tagline of "coincidences" more than once. 

In total, while I am sure he was a great asset to our intelligence community and therefore, our country, I tend to find this show lacking in overall consideration of other explanations of what I call "strange coincidences".

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I agree Cory.

He was so narrowly blinkered that I do not think it was by his own volition, since I do  no think he is that dumb.

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He also states that based on several documents in the episode, he has in effect solved the mystery.  For example, one document is based on an "unnamed source".  This source claims LHO's alleged travel buddy was a double agent for Castro.

Ok, when this happens with a witness, what I ask about is the other documents with claims by unnamed sources.  Why are they not given any credibility?  That is, Ruby saying there would be fireworks before the assassination, mentions of other bullets found in JFK's head, a bullet found in the limo, a never before seen Surgeon General's report on a bullet from the front, sightings of Oswald in Washington DC, for that matter, what about sightings of Oswald in the company of Ruby?  Why are those documents disregarded but this one document is deemed credible?

It makes no sense.  CT researchers do this too and it drives me nuts.  If you disregard one witness but give credibility to another, you have to have reasons.  Otherwise you are intellectually being dishonest to the evidence.  As for the show, perhaps he feels these Mexico City leads are essential.  That is why he is pursuing this angle.  Fine, lets see if he can prove it.  But, he should be mentioning the many other documents. 

One thought for Paul, if the radical right in Dallas did this alone, without help, please explain how Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, and Mexico City fit into it.  I am curious about that.

Not withstanding this, the list of Cubans declassified is very interesting.  But proving LHO was associated with CIA individuals, while this would be significant, it still does not prove they were in on it. 

So someone answer me this, as I presented to a good friend of mine who is retired Secret Service,

if LHO did this, alone,


Clearly the w.c. was defective, and, truly, now that even LHO did it types are coming around to that, it casts doubt on prior investigations of serious historical events.

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