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Robert Turner

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I wish to communicate with others about the JFK assassination.  My own theory is that the figures who were thought to be Jean Hill and Mary Moorman are not those people, but two others who both had covert weapons, and who both shot at the president, and that one of them, probably the one who fired last, hit him with the fatal shot.  There is more about this on my website - http://www.robsdataservices.co.uk.  One of the things that follow from this is that the people pretending to be Jean Hill and Mary Moorman must have been 'replaced' by the real Jean Hill and Mary Moorman in the aftermath of the shooting, and 'evidence' for this can be seen by looking at the heights, clothing and other bodily characteristics of the figures in red and blue that appear in the Zapruder film, and other films and photos.  It is this especially that I hope to discuss....

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