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When did the Russians 'admit' meeting Oswald?

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Like everyone else I'd like to understand Mexico City. I've just watched a documentary with an interview with Kostikov and two other Russians confirming they met Oswald at the Russian Embassy in Mexico City. When was the first confirmation by Russia that the 'real' LHO visited the Embassy? The Russians, if responding to the confused picture available from the US intelligence agencies may have concluded they would be unwise to deny it. Did LHO visiting the Russians become a convenient diplomatic consensus?

The Russians were able to say 'yes he visited us' and 'no, we didn't plot with him.'

The Americans were able to say 'yes he visited the Russian Embassy, we now conclude it was a lone commie nut, we don't blame the Russians.'

If the Russians say he didn't visit, messy. If the Americans say he didn't visit, conspiracy.

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