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Oswald Missing Notebook Pages

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More excerpts from the Arkansas News' conversation with former Secret Service agent Mike Howard:


Part of what they reviewed was Oswald’s notebook. Howard said it contained statements that Oswald would kill FBI agent James Hosty, John Connelly, Gen. Edwin Walker and vice president Nixon.


Do you have any reservations about the Commission’s findings, I asked? “Oh no. They tried their best with what information they had. They failed to put one thing in there that was a dead ringer and that was what was in his notebook, where someone had torn out the page where he said he was going to kill these people. Someone tore that page out between the time it left our hands and when it got to the Warren Commission. It (the notebook) went through the FBI, which is who we turned it over to.“

This makes no sense at all to me.  Why does the FBI get rid of the pages that would shore up the lone nut theory?  And if pages were removed, why didn't Howard bring this up with the WC at the time, or at least confront the FBI?  This is still obstruction of justice, however you look at it.

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