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Over the years, allies and readers have introduced their social circles to my work.  That is perilous!  Many relationships have been wrecked that way, and I have even heard of death threats.  I am not looking for people who can network with their social circles or proselytize to the masses.  I am looking for people who can sing the song, and for those who can, they almost certainly won’t know anybody else in their social circles who can.  Those are just the numbers, and why I know that I seek needles in haystacks.  It took me many years to understand just how rare the person was who could hit the notes.  I learned this the hard way myself, and my allies and best pupils nearly invariably come back to me, with tales of ostracism and other woes, when they introduced others to my work.  When they do that, about the best they can hope for is a Level-4-ish, “That sounds nice.  Let me know when I can have my own free energy machine.”  At best, that will be the depth of the interest that they find more than 99% of the time.  At worst, they will wreck their relationships and can even jeopardize their livelihoods.  

That said, I continually encounter people just have to try to turn their social circles onto my work, and for those who do, all that I recommend is sending them a few links, standing back, way back, and wait to see what happens.  For the people I seek, it would just take those few links, and the person would not come up for air for quite some time.  However, nearly everybody who reads my work gets their ox gored, usually just a few pages into it, and then there will be reactions of denial, fear, and the like.  I have seen them go off the deep end many times, and I was subjected to their attacks many times before I learned my lessons about it.  Anything other than an enthusiastic deep dive is a warning to not engage the person about my work.  It won’t turn out well.  

I have watched people’s heads explode after reading about our system’s victims, encountering my interviews, reading about the USA’s imperial behavior, particularly in the wake of 9/11, getting a whiff of how the media really works, and other areas of my work.  Even a “tame” essay such as my Columbus essay, which is about my site’s oldest, at 20 years old this year, shocks virtually all students who encounter it.  My work challenges the egocentric conceits of my culture, the Big Lies that comprise the catechisms that American children receive (all cultures have something similar, their in-group ideologies, so I am not unduly picking on Americans, but I can write best about what I know), and those conceits can be found in all corners of my culture.

I also get so-called enthusiasts who think that my work is great, and consider themselves free thinkers and enlightened, until they run into my work on Global Warming, for instance.  There is not the slightest debate among the scientifically literate that humanity’s industrial era, which rides on the back of hydrocarbon energy, is causing the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide levels to increase, which will warm Earth’s atmosphere.  There is nothing to debate on those issues.  The so-called Global Warming debate today is largely a fraud, led by scientists who sold their souls to the hydrocarbon lobby, who engage in games of misdirection and obfuscation, duping the gullible, the scientifically illiterate, and those who want to hear something that justifies business as usual.  

If people want to make the case that Earth is not warming (hard to with Earth’s ice rapidly melting), they have to make the case for other factors outweighing the undeniable effect of mining and burning all of Earth’s hydrocarbons, such as the Sun’s output.  But they can’t credibly do that without acknowledging that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is rapidly rising because of humanity’s burning Earth’s hydrocarbon deposits.  To argue for anything less is deluded and quite possibly fraudulent, and showing how the Global Warming issue has become a political football (as it undoubtedly has) is irrelevant to the basic scientific issues.  Every paleoclimate study that I saw or heard of had carbon dioxide levels as the chief determinant of Earth’s hot and cold phases, going back for billions of years.

That is just one issue of many that my readers stumble over.  That all said, if somebody was trying to turn others onto my work, where would they start?  I have made many attempts over the years to make my work more accessible, with introductory essays, executive summaries, and the like.  If I was trying to turn somebody onto my work, I would send them these links:

That would be about it.  There could be some tailor-made links, for readers with various interests.  If they know that the American media is a propaganda mill, I might send them a link to the media section of my Big Lies essay, and my recent biography on Uncle Ed would also be appropriate.  If they know that the history profession has prostituted itself to the winds of wealth and power, then this section might be appropriate.  If they know that the CIA is the standing army of the Fortune 500, then my short essay on Ralph might be appropriate.  If they have encountered the biases at Wikipedia, then there is an essay of mine for them.  

If they have watched loved ones die at the hands of Western medicine, and thought that it was pointless, then my medical racket essay could be one heck of a wake-up call.  If they suspected that the USA was really just another empire, not the light of the world, then my American Empire essay could be a good introduction to my work, or my dissection of World War II.  If they have a mystical bent, then there is an essay for them.  If they are into UFO and ET lore, then my visits to James’s Ranch could be a good introduction.  If they doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald murdered JFK, then I have an essay for them.  

But I would only send along a few links and leave it at that.  The ball will be in their court, and truly worthy responses can’t come for months or years.  It took a lifetime of training, adventures, and study to produce my iconoclastic, and ultimately Epochal, work, and it can’t be digested in a few hours or days of reading, not for anything but a superficial understanding of my work, and that is not going to develop somebody for the choir, and building that choir is what the rest of my life’s “spare” time is devoted to, and all that I am really interested in.  But my perspective is comprehensive, and there are thousands of topics to discuss.  

The link to this post could also be a good introduction to my work, if a bit overwhelming.  I would just send those few links recommended above and take it cautiously from there.  People won’t get many nibbles, and that is normal.  It is a desert of apathy and indifference out there, as people’s immediate self-interest forms the limits of awareness for the vast majority of humanity today, in our world of scarcity and fear, and people will not begin to awaken until the Fifth Epoch arrives, and that is normal.  



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