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Were the "Sea Peoples" Phonecians?

Michael Clark

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We're the Sea Peoples simply the Phoenicians, in Ascendency?

I have recently become interested in the Sea Peoples, as I often come across them in my ancillary studies. With regard to the Wikipedia entries I have searched, I found something quite curious.


I converted the Wiki entries to PDFs, to make them more easily searchable, and this is what I noticed:


In my 53 page PDF on the “Sea Peoples” there is no mention of Phoenecia.


In my 54 page PDF on “Phoenicia”, there is no mention o “Sea Peoples”


Yet, regarding the Sea Peoples, they are given a time-frame for their exploits of between 1200 and 900 B.C.; whilst the Phoenicians are credited for enjoying their prime between 1200 and 800 B.C..  How can the two cultures be treated properly in isolation; describing one with no mention made of the other?


Are we not talking about the consolidation, in the Eastern Mediterranean, of a group, a culture, a way of life that had spread across the sea and become cosmopolitan to the Mediterranean? Are we not seeing, in the descriptions made by the Egyptians, Anatolia, Syrians and Hitites, the ascendency of an empire that had arose, under their noses, to dominate the full range of the Mediterranean, and were only now being noticed as the power player of the frontier between each of them and encroaching upon what they had understood to be their territory?


The Wikipedia has a chart which uses various ancient words for the Sea Peoples and their origins. Indeed the the assertions therein span the Length and breadth of the Mediterranean, from Sardinia, Sicily, The Tyrrhenian Sea, Mycenae, Greece and Anatolia. Could it not be all of these places? Could it be that Phoenicia had come of age and simply began to dominate all who resisted, and indeed, reasserted hegemony over what is often, possibly falsely, considered their homeland. 


It has been argued that the word Phoenician is a construct of later times, referring to the empire that plied in the trade of purple dies and textiles, and that it is not a term that they would have called themselves. 


Are the Sea Peoples simply the Phoenicians, in ascendency?

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My comment on the linked video:

My theory... The Sea Peoples were the Proto-Phonecians. Their Phonetic language and alphabet was the result of a need to amalgamate the various languages of the Mediterranean of the various peoples that constituted their sea-fairing nation; North Africans, siardinians, Sicilians, Porto Etruscans, Iberians, etc. When they were done conquering, they were then the people now recognized as Levantine Phoenicians.


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