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17 hours ago, James R Gordon said:

Regarding the principle of funding I will continue to fund the EF and the EF will continue to exist beyond May 2018. I have been heartened by a definite change in tone on the forum. 

That's great news!  Thank you, James!

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On 3/20/2018 at 10:04 PM, Ron Bulman said:

I know I should let dead dogs lie and moderation is a double edged sword.  But I can't help think back on years I read the forum before joining and trying to put it all in perspective.  The  forum did outlast Mc Adams though if I remember right he was banned previously.  Then again Jim D was banned for a while too.  FWIW, some wont believe this is not brown nosing but I Hate that myself, I never blamed him for responding in kind, IMHO.  Somebody(s) are assaulting your credibility and intelligence and you don't?

Pat, you used to post on Jeff Morley's JFK Facts website, as did Jim some.  While Jeff moderated it for several years there was some relevant informative conversation there.  Then he hired Tom what was his name?  Who had also been banned from here if I remember right again.  It's never been the same since.  

Moderation is a delicate and difficult but important matter.  Thanks again to those who attempt it.  I know I've over stepped the bounds of common courtesy in anger before.  Thank you for your tolerance. 



Ron, it was Tom Scully who was banned from this forum

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