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Bouhe and DeGolyer

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I guess I had no idea.


From the WC testimony of George Bouhe:

Mr. BOUHE - For 9 1/2 years I was employed as a personal accountant of a very prominent Dallas geologist, and probably capitalist if you want to say it, Lewis W, MacNaughton, senior chairman of the board of the well-known geological and engineering firm of DeGolyer & MacNaughton, but I was MacNaughton's personal employee.


From: Everette Lee Degolyer, 1886-1956: A Biographical Memoir, by A. Roger Dension. National Academy of Sciences, 1959.



"He (DeGolyer) lived to be honored by the highest elective offices and to be awarded the highest decorations of the American Association ofPetroleum Geologists and the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers. He was a lecturer much sought after, filled distinguished positions at three universities, and was awarded honorary degrees by six. Nine or more United States Government agencies,commissions, advisory boards, and committees called on him for service which he generously contributed.This combination logically made his advice much sought after in business, and he was for many years the world's leading oil consultant. The opinion of his firm, DeGolyer and MacNaughton, on an appraisal of the worth of a property or a company was accepted as final in financial and government circles the world around. This firm was at one time or another consultant to ten or more foreign governments on subjects ranging from organizing exploration programs to the proper price for oil F.O.B. tankers in the Persian Gulf."


George Bouhe would play a prominent role in the life of Lee and Marina Oswald.


Steve Thomas



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Thomas - an important connection exists between DeGolyer and Jack Alston Crichton, a man of much interest to me. Crichton, who retired from the US Army as a Colonel, was recruited by DeGolyer in 1947, according to Wiki. There is a good review of his life and connections in the Spartacus entry. 

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