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After a very short googlesearch, I chose Flickr of all sites, to get some photos online. If of any interest to anyone. 

* Everything is taken from a 12 year old harddisk,- so many, if not all of the photos are guaranteed to be available today elsewhere, in much better resolutions. 

** Have tried to sort for a few hours,- but it in itself is still terrible. 

*** Included one album with photos I took with my phone , of a Norwegian magazine, - published December 7th. 1963, concerning the assassination. ( My grandmother scared my mother (8 years old) - stiff,  - when getting the news of JFK's death,- screaming and running back and forth between the kitchen and the livingroom. My mother says she acted like a family member had died. An example of what an impact JFK made around the world, - even up here in northern Norway, - north of the polar circle. Back then they had radio. Not sure if they had gotten a tv yet. No cellphones, no internet.) My mother's mother, - kept this magazine, and gave it to me.

**** Included one album (even though it has nothing to do with the assassination) - from when LBJ, --  ridiculously enough, was scheduled to meet my father's uncle's family, on his visit to my/their hometown Bodø, - September 10th. 1963, - roughly 2 months before JFK was assassinated. My father, and his cousin (my father's uncle's daugher) explained that he actually turned down the LBJ - visit ( if it is true, - I can not prove, - but still kinda fun to think about (for me). He was traumatized in WW2, and felt it would be too much hassle,- with all the police, SS, etc. ). LBJ ended up visiting their neighbours instead.

***** Snapshots of the harddisk from the stoneage included. 

The Collection : https://www.flickr.com/photos/153357684@N03/albums 

( Hope this one will be up longer , than the last attempt, which lasted for half a day ) .  


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No problem Paul.

As is said elsewhere; 'Documents which define history should belong to the public, not private interests'.

As much information as possible, -- should be available to as many as possible.

So, even if only the 9 photos of the magazine my grandmother kept, -- is "new", - that is just fine. And it has affectional value for me. A precious memory of a good human being.

The attachment - limit here was frustrating. So atleast it will be possible for me to link to a photograph within it, - without having to do internet - searches. 

Given the collection will not be taken down. Again. 


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17 hours ago, Paul Brancato said:

Trygve - Thanks for sharing this interesting collection of photos.

Copy that. And thanks for sharing the impression your Mother's response evoked. It is a sort of comfort to know that the deep feelings for him, and about him, were not limited to those living in the United States.

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Thanks Robert ! Really do appreciate it. 

Yes it is. Both a comfort, - and sad at the same time.

And the world was bigger then. Without information moving so fast, - getting instant notices - wherever it comes from, - around the globe. 

My Mother was just 8 - scared stiff. It was her Mother , aged 33, - which was the one screaming and yelling, running back and forth in her kitchen apron (or whatever the English word for it is). My Grandmother died in 2010, and I got the magazine a short while before that, accompanied by a newspaper page, cut out, regarding when RFK was shot. I remember she just shook her head, and got sad, - when I myself, - asked her about when Kennedy was shot. More than 45 years later. 

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Initiated one album - attempt, to the Bowers - issue itself. In progress.



As well as a few files from the old disk from the City Of Dallas Archives




Sorting the files on this disk, is frustrating. By now, it must be old news, the information therein. 
But as mentioned, - when have forgotten so much,- old news, become news again, to me. 

3 textfiles with somewhat , for me, -- tempting titles, - but if new, relevant, true or false, - I wouldn't know.

Disappearing Witnesses.TXT

Last words of Lee Harvey Oswald.TXT

List - over 500 photos and 75 photographers in Dealey plaza.TXT

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