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New Book on MLK conspiracy - Killing King

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Killing King, by Stuart Wexler and Larry Hancock is now available and you can sample it with a read of the first chapter which is being showcased by CrimeReads at  http://crimereads.com/

This book represents some 8 years of new research by Stu and Larry and deals with totally new leads, new sources (some still living) and a view of the conspiracy which killed MLK which has been previously unexplored - other than very superficially by the FBI - up to now. The book also addresses a number of conspiracy myths which have come to be accepted over the years, largely due to the lack of critical new research on the murder. 

I'm here and would be happy to discuss it or you can email questions directly to me at  larryjoe@westok.net

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I'm surprised there hasn't been much in the way of questions or any discussion at all on this so I'll just post this interview on Killing King, which was quite focused and direct, for anyone that might be interested and leave it at that.




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