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Donald Jeffries on coasttocoastam tonight

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I listened to the Don Jeffries interview on C2C last night.

I wonder how many other forum members did also.

Since the C2C listening audience numbers into the millions, I am always curious to hear what one of our own members has to say to such a massive group. 

I enjoy Jeffries and his C2C presentations. As well Jim Di's and Doug Caddy's.

It's important in a very good way that at least one huge listening audience media venue still includes JFK truth seekers into it's content fairly regularly, even 55 years after the "Big Event."

Jeffries didn't get into the JFK story last night as his appearance was about Huey Long.

However, I learned some interesting things about Long that once again reveal how much we citizens have so often been kept from knowing regards the fuller truths of power in this country and it's history.

One call-in person after the main Jeffries interview really intrigued me. His name was given as "Steve." His brief commentary was much beyond average call-in interesting and reflective of someone extremely knowledgeable in the secret power contemplation area and so well spoken that I wanted to hear more of his sharing as much as Jeffries.

I think I would have had this caller get back to C2C to know more about who he was and whether he might warrant his own full interview.

But a word of compliment is due to Don Jeffries regards his C2C interview. 

His sharings on Long were interesting, informative and truth revealing important.


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I listened to the show also. it was great. Donald is one of the best guests who make encore appearances on coasttocoastam. He has a tremendous grasp of the essence of a multitude of issues and controversies and his delivery is always flawless. He is a great credit to our forum. 

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The Huey Long story is a much ignored part of American history.

Donald Gibson wrote an interesting article on the subject for Probe Magazine and its part of his book, The Kennedy Assassination Cover Up.

A big problem with Long is that his enemies were determined to villify him when he was alive and after his death.  Sort of like what happened to Jim Garrison.  To my knowledge there is only one good biography of Long.  That is the one by T. Harry Williams.  And that was published back in 1969.

The reason he was so attacked is because he was coming at Roosevelt from the left.  He did not think the New Deal had gone far enough.  Therefore, not just the GOP hated him, but large parts of the Democratic Party also.  There is an interesting connection between the Long case and Garrison.  As Gibson pointed out, Herbert Christenberry, the guy who overthrew Garrison's perjury case against Clay Shaw, was involved in the so called bugging of the DeSoto hotel room where the alleged plot to kill Long was discussed. And which allegedly implicated Weiss and the Roosevelt Democrats.  According to Williams, this was not really so. Dr. Carl Weiss' name was not in the transcript that Christenberry overheard. Therefore, what this did was disguise the plotters and confuse the case.

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