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One Question re: Two Oswalds

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44 minutes ago, Thomas Graves said:




Here's a little something for your followers to consider.  



(Do try to be nice, now.)


--  TG


Wanted to see what you were posting...  and of course you don't disappoint... posting yet another debunked argument related to that image and his height

So of course they move the woman on the right LOWER and to the left of where Oswald was standing...  to help try and prove the point...

This is almost as shady as the Dartmouth professor or Dale Myers' animations and camera speed conclusions...

There are numerous examples of the height problem between the two men...  but since this was 1963 and there was no way to see these men side-by-side or even to suspect the existence of both men, it only becomes an issue as we review the evidence and find the conflicts it offers.

Curious...  if Oswald's left foot is significantly lower than his right... why isn't his left shoulder lower than the right?  because he's standing primarily on his right foot which is next to Marina's left...

It's kind of obvious if you don't have a "anti-H&L" agenda in every thought...




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14 minutes ago, Paz Marverde said:

David, I had to ask you something by PM, but your inbox is full

I don't see a way to access my PMs so I can delete old ones...  ???

I'll send you one...

... can't do that either....   strange.

use this....   djosephs@calottery.com   

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Just a comment,

The background picture that Josephs posted has an Oswald figure measured against a woman under the question about her being 5’ 9”.  The man could be the Oswald figure with Marina in the winter scene.   It is hard to tell.

I did something similar by comparing the winter scene figures with figures in the warmer scene.  I concluded this was Harvey in the warmer scene but, at about 5’ 8” or slightly  shorter.  He could be slouching.

There could be more than 3 Oswald’s involved in Minsk.  It depends on who is under the Oswald figure face mask in another photo.  I will post this photo as soon as I can.


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On 4/16/2018 at 5:45 PM, Michael Clark said:

Mark, in the last 10:00 minutes of this video, during a Q&A, one can see that the consensus for two Oswald's is expanding, going back to his time in Russia.





And I absolutely love it when Peter Dale Scott tells John Newman (to James DiEugenio's great mortification, no doubt) that John has just now convinced him (Peter) that Nosenko was a false defector!


--  TG



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