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Heroes And Villains

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Just thought I'd post my latest song I've written. It's just a quick rough take I did last night but I thought some of you might enjoy it. The inspiration came to me when I got to thinking about JFK 2: The Bush Connection. I'm sure most of you are familiar with this documentary. Early on he talks about how the people who killed Kennedy will have more to say about him and his legacy than he will. This put in my mind the concept of heroes and villains, losers (those they eliminate) and winners (the bag guys who win at all costs). After coming up with the chorus and initial idea I wrote a lengthy post on Facebook about this concept. I talked about how the 9/11 first responders we celebrated as heroes weren't exactly treated like heroes by our government. They were told the air was safe for breathing, denied medical coverage, etc. And then I discussed the systematic slaughter of nearly an entire race of people, the Native Americans. How Hitler was vilified, and rightly so, for doing the same thing yet we put Andrew Jackson's face on the $20 bill and study how great he was in high school history class. And how most likely Oswald had penetrated the assassination attempt and was trying to stop it yet he is the one they blamed for it. That's a pretty good measuring stick about someone's character. The real heroes are murdered. Like Jesus. And not comparing the two by any means, but JFK. Lincoln. Bobby Kennedy. MLK. People who really seek out change and peace and have genuine love for their fellow man are a threat to the powers that be. While the villains, the bad guys get honored and placed upon a pedestal. I have been aiming to record a song I wrote maybe 7 or 8 years ago that is directly about the Kennedys. It's called Should've Never Left Boston. I sing of how maybe they might still be alive if they hadn't left "Boston" politics but always come back to the fact that even though they were killed we are still better off for having leaders like this even ever so briefly. Anyway, I hope those who listen enjoy. Thanks! 

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