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Did OSWALD forget about Beauregard JHS in New Orleans?

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Now I know I'm throwing this into the fray only to get a little beat up.... but


CE99 is a list of answers Oswald writes out in a somewhat autobiographical manner...

Just a couple anomalies to which I'd like to call your attention...

#4 our little man writes that from 1954 - 1956 he lived in Ft Worth, TX.

This is a NEW ORLEANS PUBLIC SCHOOL - Personal History form.   If read carefully thru the answers here it is obvious this is LEE andnot the diminutive Harvey.  Why?  This is JUNE 1955, Oswald is 16 years old and about 5'5" 135 lbs....  he likes FOOTBALL, present vocational choice? Biology and Mechanical Drawing... he has a bum left ear drum....

"What was the last school you attended?"    PS 44 in NY


And these are the GRADE CARDS from FALL 1953 thru the SPRING 1954 semester




So if the evidence offered above has him in New Orleans in 1953, 1954 & 1955 thru June....  

"1954 - 1955: Beauregard JHS in New Orleans"    "1955 - 1956 Warren Eaton HS in New Orleans"



All the other items listed on that Bio page are accurate....  STRIPLING JR HIGH across the street from the house Marge is living in on 11/22 at 2220 Thomas.... the one owned by a friend of FRED KORTH.  

Mr. DULLES. I think you moved to Fort Worth with Lee in September 1956. 

In October 1955 Oswald turns 16.  The 1955-56 school year would be 10th grade for Oswald at Arlington Heights see above image.  The record shows he only attends until October (the little letters next to the years are F=Fall & S=Spring) . 

9/54-6/55 is 9th grade Beauregard JHS in New Orleans as it shows... 


So let's look again... DATE ENTERED: Sept 5, 1956   Which may be why DULLES says Sept 1956...   it also seems that an exhibit from CE1413 is not there anymore... but that Armstrong took a copy of from the Archives.   Transcript sent to: Arlington in Sept 1956  ??

In June 1955 he writes the New Orleans Bio...  he is now ready for 10th grade... which the above Ft Worth PERM REC shows him starting in Ft Worth in Sept 1955.... and leaving in Oct 1955... to join the Marines...  except he doesn't join until Oct 24, 1956 according to FOLSOM.

Where is our little man Oswald from June 1955 until Sept 1956?   He was working at TUJAGUES at the same time Marge writes her note about moving to San Diego.

From July 1955 thru late 1956 LEE works at Tujagues - Harvey is in San Diego with MO for the summer and from evidence John found, attended Stripling in Ft Worth...

Which may be why CE99 only mentions Ft Worth for those years despite having evidence to show him in New Orleans




PIERRE: Well, then, did he have any close buddies?

Mrs Oswald: Yes, when we lived in Fort Worth, Texas. He went to school there up until the eighth grade, which is Junior High; all the children came to my house because this was a brand-new neighborhood. I was not financially able to have the lawn sodded, and everyone else was having their grass growing, and the children were not allowed to play on the grass, so they all played in my yard and my grass and in my home,

Francine Tubbs


#5 - if you look at the FOLSOM Exhibit we see he was an AIRCRAFT MECHANIC... not a radar operator (LEE was the mechanic, Harvey was indeed radar)


#6 he tells us he has a son named David Lee Oswald, American.

:huh:  uh, okay.  but we all know our man has 2 daughters....


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The years 1954 - 1956 are very eventful in Oswald's life yet the patterns continue with schools being left just after starting and then a cold trail...

What we find is there are no complete 10th grade records... the '55 - '56 school year since we have him at Beauregard for 9th grade '54-'55

While Oswald states he was in Ft Worth from 54 - 56 we have EASTON records from Sept 1955 showing him entering EASTON in New Orleans...

then stopping "Incomplete"...  the date in the "Left" column is 10/4/56... and at the bottom is states that TRANSCRIPTS SENT TO: Arlgington Heights (Ft Worth)



And we have the Oct 2, 1955 note from Marge about them leaving for San Diego in the middle of this month...

Mrs. OSWALD. No, sir. Wait. We have a note from the Beauregard School by me that I was going to San Diego. Do you have the note? 
Mr. RANKIN. We do. 
Mrs. OSWALD. May I see that note, please? And that is approximately October 5th or the 7th, I think it is, 1955. 
Mr. DULLES. I think you moved to Fort Worth with Lee in September 1956. (DJ: this is obviously not true yet he is covering for the San Diego and Tujagues problems)
Mrs. OSWALD. Yes, sir. So it was in '55. I think that is correct. Let me see. 
Mr. RANKIN. We are handing you this book that we received from the State of Louisiana that is Commission's Exhibit No. 365, and turn to page 11 and you will find the note you referred to. 
Mrs. OSWALD. To the school. All right, gentlemen, this is a surprise. This is my note, isn't, to the school, that I am moving to San Diego. And it has been blasted in all the papers how I moved around, and I was going to San Diego. Gentlemen, I had nothing to do with this note, nothing whatsoever.  Lee, my son, wrote the note-on or about October 5th or the 7th--October 7th. And now comes the story why he wrote the note.  If you will see here, this is Lee's handwriting, to the letters. 



Marge then claims she had nothing to do with that note - that LEE wrote.... and it was found in the New Orleans EASTON HS records...  but then why would LEE ,mention his birth certificate ????

NOTE:  LAURA KITTRELL worked at the Texas Employment Commission who remembered that Oswald stated he had a messenger-boy job in CA for about 6 months... That would be from Oct 1955 thru the end of the school year, June 1956.   (On Feb 1, 1956 JOHN PIC joined the Air Force and listed 3006 BRISTOL RD  FT WORTH as his address c/o his mother...  as we will see, the WCR pushes that to 1958.  WHY?  for at the same time we have HARVEY in San Diego, and LEE at 126 Exchange in New Orleans...

Interesting conflict.


yet the WC recap of her residences has her at 126 Exchange in 1956 while BRISTOL is not used until MAY, 1958...  Amazingly, the two places are only 4 houses apart...   Why PIC would use an address supposedly not used by his mother for another 2 years, as his c/o address...?




The ONLY time Oswald lived in Ft Worth during 1954 - 1956 was from July - October of 1956  (he was supposedly at BJHS in New Orleans)... When the records show he leaves to join the Marines.  Which once again leaves a big hole from JUNE 1955 until JUNE 1956.

the New Orleans Phone book for 55/56 lists a "Margt OSWALD at 120 N Telemachus" except BJHS has him listed at 126 Exchange Place as does WARREN EASTON HS as of Sept 1955.

This is the SAME 120 N TELEMACHUS that MARGARET KEATING OSWALD lived in with her husband ROBERT LEE and stepfather E.L. SLATTERY.  When they divorced, ROBERT goes to live with his brother at 220 S TELEMACHUS which is literally across CANAL 2/10th of a mile away.


......while in his brother's questioning, Robert says he was working at TUJAGUES in July 1955... again in New Orleans...

We are to remember that evidence offered about the bus trip down to Mexico, once in MONTERREY, 2 Australian women claim he befriends them and tell them he is from FT. WORTH... they in turn nicknamed the man "Tex"...  yet in the real world, Oswald spent very little time in Ft Worth after leaving in 1952....  he spends time in Dallas and Ft Worth just after he gets back in 1962, but for the most part, NEW ORLEANS appears to have been not only his birthplace, but home more times than not during his pre-Marine days.


Robert even remembers them in New Orleans during this time... just after LEE graduates 9th grade and writes his BIO.



It is quite obvious that DULLES does not want to deal with 1954/1955/1956...  

It is also obvious that LEE HARVEY OSWALD declined to include his time at BEAUREGARD JUNIOR HIGH or the 2 years prior in NYC, in favor of those years being in Ft Worth...  From what we can tell, Oswald's 6 weeks or so at Arlington Heights from Sept to Oct 1956 is the only time he spent in Ft Worth during those years...

Boy, you'd think this info dealt with someone else entirely...









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