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Kennedy-Related Photos (From DVP's Collection)

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JFK's SS-100-X limousine on the day it was delivered to the White House (June 15, 1961)....








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7 minutes ago, Joseph McBride said:

It's amazing how almost entirely wrong Bill Ryan was that day.

Enlightenment, please sir.  I don't remember Bill Ryan, didn't find him in your book index. 

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2 hours ago, Joseph McBride said:

It's amazing how almost entirely wrong Bill Ryan was that day.

Which means you obviously think ALL of the other news anchors on TV and Radio were also "entirely wrong" too, correct? (Because all the networks were working basically from the same UPI and AP wire reports.)

But what amazes me is that anyone can actually believe that everybody in the news media COULD have been so "entirely wrong" about nearly everything that was reported on TV and Radio on 11/22/63. Such an "entirely wrong" belief, to me, indicates there's something "wrong" with a CTer's evaluation of the evidence. Much the same way the convenient "All The Evidence Has Been Faked" mindset of many conspiracy theorists sends up a big red flag for me as well.

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Thanks for the photos, Dave.

l don’t believe everything every CTer ever said, but I do know this - much of the accusations they originally made have turned out to be true, e.g.:

- JFK was at odds with his national security agencies on a variety of issues, from a ‘winnable’ nuclear war against Russia to Cuba, Laos and Vietnam. He was not a ‘normal’ war-mongering president on communism. And there was venom against him by some for that.

- The CIA was involved with Oswald through their agents in the DRE. We don’t know how closely because the CIA lied and continues to obstruct on the evidence and won’t come clean on it.

- The WC and to some degree the HSCA were not thorough, honest investigations, hampered by intel agencies lying and obstructing justice.  Not to mention Cold War tensions the WC faced and the sabotage of Sprague - a truly independent prosecutor - with the HSCA. 

- The highest echelons of the CIA - Helms and Angleton - were lying about what they knew about the DRE and Oswald before the assassination, and kept quiet when Joannides fooled Congress.

- Not that I think he was involved but Clay Shaw did lie about being connected with the CIA.

Not absolute proof of conspiracy but plenty to keep an open mind on the case.

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Most of the anchors and TV reporters put out a lot of false information that day, but Bill Ryan

seemed to be ahead of the curve with his reckless and repeated jumping to conclusions based

on skimpy or erroneous information. I learned that day to get to a radio as

fast as possible when something major happens, because the news

often changes to fit the official line. From 12:40 to 1 p.m., I was hearing

on network radio that the shots came from the hill

overlooking Elm Street or the area of the railroad bridge. Then by 1 p.m. the reports changed to all

the shots coming from behind, from a building called the Texas School Book Depository, without any explanation being

offered on what happened to the shots from the front, and my antennae went up. By the end

of the day I wasn't believing the official story that was already solidifying

to try, convict, and execute Oswald on television. Over the years

the coverage of the first twenty minutes has been proven far more

accurate, with witness reports, photographs, and other evidence. And the brief

statements Oswald was allowed to give on TV that first night helped convince

me he was innocent of killing the president. Little was said on the news

about the Tippit killing, but he was accused of that and denied it as well. An FBI

document I found showed that he was never even arraigned for the JFK murder,

only for the Tippit murder, although he was charged with both. Jim Leavelle

told me Oswald was telling the truth at his midnight press conference when he said

he had not been told by the police that he was being charged with the president's murder.

As I write in INTO THE NIGHTMARE, Leavelle told me Captain Fritz directed him

to nail Oswald for the Tippit killing since they didn't have the goods on him for the JFK killing.

I asked Leavelle what he thought he had on Oswald for the Tippit murder, and he said he

had witnesses, unlike in the president's assassination, but we now know the Tippit witnesses offered highly differing accounts, and some

had dubious credibility, particularly their star witness, Helen Markham. And the Warren Commission

denied the existence of Acquilla Clemmons, though Leavelle said he knew about her. She was

threatened by the police to keep silent; she did not, and she was never seen again after

her interview with Mark Lane and Emile de Antonio for the film of RUSH TO JUDGMENT. If

we had known on the evening of November 22 what we know now, history would have been

very different.

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I agree with you that the TV reporters (and the radio reporters too), as you said, "put out a lot of false information that day" (see my "Media Errors" video below)....


....But on the whole, I've always held the opinion that the assassination media coverage on 11/22/63 was quite good and was mostly accurate (on both radio and television). Some mistakes were inevitable in a big "breaking news" story like this one, especially in the early hours just after the story broke. But most of the early errors were corrected on the air in a short amount of time.

And the very early erroneous report that was aired on all of the networks about the shooters possibly being "a man and woman who were scrambling on a walkway overlooking an underpass" is a very understandable error when we factor in what some of the witnesses were doing on the Grassy Knoll at the time the "man and woman" were being observed. The "man and woman" in that erroneous story were almost certainly the Hesters, who can be seen in this film taken by NBC cameraman Dave Wiegman, and the term "scrambling" would certainly be an accurate term for what we can see the Hesters doing in the Wiegman film, as they run for cover and duck down on the grass at the very top of the Grassy Knoll.

As for Oswald allegedly not be arraigned for JFK's murder, that's utter nonsense—and provably so—as I discuss here.

And as for the conspiracy theorists' favorite Tippit murder witness—Acquilla Clemons—CLICK HERE.

Also See....


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Back to some more photos....

Here are hundreds of screen captures taken from the television coverage of President Kennedy's assassination (click each network logo):

CBS-TV-Logo.JPG NBC-TV+Logo.jpg ABC-TV%2BLogo.png

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Excerpt from the January 25, 1964, issue of TV Guide Magazine:

"From the moment the first TV news bulletin cut through the sticky story line of a soap opera called "As the World Turns", at exactly 1:40 (EST) on Friday afternoon, the world of communications, if not the world, was to be a vastly different sort of place, never to be quite the same again. It was not just the sudden, senseless cutting down of a young, vigorous President that made the experience cut so deep, but the fact that no one had ever lived a national tragedy in quite these terms before. When Lincoln was assassinated by a frenzied actor at Ford's Theater in 1865, Americans had time to assimilate the tragedy. Most people in the big cities knew within 24 hours, but there were some in outlying areas for whom it took days.

In the new world of communications there was no time for any such babying of the emotions, no time to collect oneself, no time for anything except to sit transfixed before the set and try to bring into reality this monstrous, unthinkable thing. Because the word was not only instantaneous but visual, and because at no time did the television reporters know any more than the viewers did, 180,000,000 were forced to live the experience not just hour to hour, or minute to minute, but quite literally from second to second, even as the reporters themselves did. According to Nielsen statistics, a point was reached during the funeral on Monday afternoon when 41,553,000 sets were in use, believed to be an all-time high. For four days the American people were virtual prisoners of an electronic box. ..."

[Complete article linked below....]


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Yes, those are of quite good quality. The last four photographs in that series as well, from Dealey Plaza.

Been wasting my time lately on Youtube, on so many people endorsing the theory of the sniper "visible within the sprocket - hole - area of the Zapruder - film." --- "exposed", and "proven to be located on top of the County Records Building" - "based on the lightpole / lamp post above his head". ---- A lamp post which did not exist until decades later , as I have understood it. And not even being a lamp post, - but surveillance cameras, attached to what looks like lamp - posts, - designed to blend in into that historical arena.

The first photo of the Plaza, in the link you provided above, - shows the left (northwest) corner of the roof at the County Records Building. Of course with no time-travelling-lamp-posts visible.

It is perhaps a waste of time, - but people are making money on altering / faking photographs / colorizing images, - claiming it to be proof,evidence,facts etc. --- On this case of cases, that so many have devoted their life to, on so many different fields / issues. It is just disrespectful, and wrong,- but of course, - so much is.

I'll just say thanks once again for the time devoted to make so much of the footage / audio / photographs , - etc. available. Regardless of view / perspective, - the result is that so many , from all over, - benefit on it.

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