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Kennedy-Related Photos (From DVP's Collection)

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11/22/63 AUDIO CLIP:


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On the police radio on 11-22-63 you can still hear the Texas School Book Depository called "the Sexton Building."

It was owned by oil man D. H. Byrd, who made a fortune out of the Vietnam War. I write

about Byrd in my book INTO THE NIGHTMARE. Byrd was an LBJ-Connally associate,

an old friend of LBJ's, and was connected to Lee Oswald's CIA handler George de Morenschildt

and Jack Crichton through oil business dealings. In addition to being a cofounder

of the Civil Air Patrol (in which the teenaged Lee Oswald met flight instructor David Ferrie), Byrd was a major defense

contractor through his partnership in the conglomerate Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV). According

to Peter Dale Scott in his 1970-71 manuscript THE DALLAS CONSPIRACY, Byrd and

his business partner James Ling made a prescient purchase of 132,600 shares of LTV

stock in November 1963 for about $2 million, whose value rose to about $26 million

by 1967 after LBJ's escalation of the war. Russ Baker calls Byrd an "avid Kennedy

hater." He was also friendly with Clint Murchison and Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell (CIA

liaison) and his brother, U.S. Air Force General Charles Cabell, Allen Dulles's deputy

CIA director before both Dulles and Gen. Cabell were forced out by President Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs.

It has been suggested that as of 11-63 Byrd's Texas School Book Depository was something of a Potemkin village to allow the

plot to function partly out of its premises and to justify placing the unsuspecting

Oswald as patsy on the presidential motorcade route through Marina Oswald's

CIA handler Ruth Paine. The building was called the Sexton Building

before the Texas School Book Depository moved in during the spring of 1963. It

"was almost completely devoid of tenants until about six months before the

assassination," Baker writes. The sixth floor was being refurbished

by outsiders that November, which enabled access to the building by unknown people. Given how

many lies have been told about the assassination in history textbooks, it's ironically fitting that

the building served as a School Book Depository. Texas public school officials to this day

largely set the parameters of what is acceptable in nationally distributed textbooks. According

to Baker, Byrd "evidently rejoiced in Kennedy's assassination -- as suggested by the macabre

fact that he arranged for the window from which Oswald purportedly fired the fatal shots

to be removed and set up at his home." Byrd was a big-game hunter who was on his first foreign safari

in Africa at the time of the assassination.

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16 hours ago, Joseph McBride said:

The sixth floor was being refurbished by outsiders that November, which enabled access to the building by unknown people.

That's not true at all. The plywood flooring on the sixth floor was being worked on by regular TSBD employees, not by "outsiders" or "unknown people". The workers who were fixing the wooden floor up on the sixth floor on 11/22/63 were Charles Givens, Bonnie Ray Williams, Danny Arce, and Billy Lovelady---all of whom were employees of the Texas School Book Depository Company. (Williams had been transferred from the Houston Street TSBD warehouse building, where he normally worked, to the building at 411 Elm to help with the floor-laying project in late October or early November. But he was still an employee of the Depository Company when he was temporarily assigned to the Elm Street building.)

Where, Joseph, did you get the information that the floor was being "refurbished by outsiders that November"?

Also see the signed statements of 73 TSBD workers in CD706 (below), which pretty much prove that there were no "strangers" seen in the TSBD Building on November 22nd (except one old man who went into the building to use a restroom on the first floor and was then seen leaving in a car immediately afterward)....


I'll also refer to what Vince Bugliosi had to say about this topic in his book:

"Some of the stock boys in the Texas School Book Depository Building are laying new flooring up on the sixth floor. The schoolbook business is a little slow this late in the year, and rather than lay the boys off entirely, Bill Shelley, a Depository manager, put them to work resurfacing the upper floors, where most of the books are stored.* Half a dozen of them are at it—Bill Shelley himself, Bonnie Ray Williams, Charles Givens, Danny Arce , Billy Lovelady, and occasionally Harold Norman, when he has time to give them a hand.

The work is pretty straightforward. They have to move the heavy cartons of books from one side of the floor to the other, then back, as they lay new flooring over the old planks. It took them about three weeks to do the fifth floor, and they're just starting in on the sixth, moving as many cartons as they can from the west side of the open floor over to the east. Given the number of books they have to move, they aren't very far along. They're still working on the first section, on the westernmost portion of the sixth floor.

* The Depository had previously been occupied by a wholesale grocery company engaged in supplying restaurants and institutions, and during the time it occupied the building, the floors became oil-soaked and this oil was damaging the books that were now being stacked on the floor (CD 205, p.135)."

-- Vincent Bugliosi; Page 26 of "Reclaiming History"


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Hate to interrupt this long infomercial for DVP's web site, which unlike my site, Ward has never called Cheesy, but I would say it belongs in Wisconsin.

The following link blows up everything he is trying to say about the sixth floor.  But anyone who knows Baker's first day statement will know that that document itself blows up NO 706 as does Worrell's testimony of seeing a man running out the back.  DVP knows about both of these of course.  He just tries to make like he does not.

Allan Eaglesham is a low profile researcher who just happens to do careful and important work.  I just wish he would do more of it, but what he does do is quite good.

Go to this link and you will learn more truth about the JFK case than you will in all of Von Pein's web site and his unpaid for infomercials. There was no "sniper's nest".


Alan also proved that the Dallas Police rearranged the formation of the shells found there.  They were originally in a diameter of about the width of a hand towel, as Craig said they were.

And before DVP jumps on with his "everything is fake"charge, this is not forgery its rearranging things.  Which is easy as heck and the cops do it all the time.

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13 minutes ago, James DiEugenio said:

...There was no "sniper's nest"...

Oh, good Lord! What a fantasy world these conspiracy theorists reside in!

Let me guess --- CTers think the Sniper's Nest was merely a "smoker's nook" for employees who wanted to goof off in private? I've encountered multiple fringe CTers who, incredibly, do believe that very thing. They'll just disregard the bullet shells that littered the "nook", and they'll disregard the several witnesses who SAW a man with a RIFLE in that very window.

"There was no sniper's nest"???? A person writing such claptrap should not even be looking into the JFK assassination at all. It's pathetic.

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This is another Bugliosian ploy DVP uses: invective.

But both Alan and the HSCA showed the boxes had been moved after the fact.  Just read the article as its illustrated with photos.  Alan did a very nice job on this.  BTW, the late Richard Sprague also proved this with his photo collection.

Here it is again http://www.manuscriptservice.com/SN/snipersnest.pdf

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40 minutes ago, James DiEugenio said:

...the boxes had been moved after the fact...

There was nobody in the window moving boxes around a few minutes after the last shot was fired at the President. It's a ridiculous theory to begin with. Why on Earth would anyone have felt any need to move boxes around right after the shooting? It's dumb.

John Mytton has created a really nice gif clip which merges the Powell and Dillard pictures together, and the merged montage indicates that no boxes were moved at all. It's all a matter of perspective. Here's Mytton's montage gif:




And the CTers who tout Lillian Mooneyham's statement of seeing somebody in the SN window "4 to 5 minutes following the shots" aren't thinking about this thing logically. For WHY would any person involved in the assassination STILL be up there hanging around the window up to FIVE full minutes later? It's totally illogical.

More (including Carolyn Walther's story)....



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24 minutes ago, Joseph McBride said:

In addition to the TSBD workers involved in the refurbishing work, at least two strangers, if not more, were seen on the upper floors by witnesses. They might have taken advantage of the construction work to blend in.

It looks to me like you're now attempting to backtrack (or walk back) this statement you made a short time ago:

"The sixth floor was being refurbished by outsiders that November, which enabled access to the building by unknown people." -- J. McBride

But you're now saying that two "strangers" were seen on the "upper floors" (not necessarily the SIXTH floor, which is where we know the floor-fixing project was taking place on November 22nd), and you imply that those strangers "might have taken advantage of the construction work to blend in". That, IMO, is a whole lot different from your earlier definitive "was being refurbished by outsiders" comment. Now you've gone all wishy-washy on us regarding the "strangers" who "might" have been involved in the construction work.

Plus, how did those "two strangers, if not more" manage to not be seen or noticed by any of the four or five TSBD workers (including boss William Shelley, who was up on the sixth floor multiple times on 11/22) who were laying the new plywood on the 6th floor that day? Did the "strangers" just get really lucky when nobody saw them as they attempted to "blend in"?

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I encourage everyone to go to page 3 of Alan's essay and you will see how full of utter malarkey Von Pein and John Mytton really are.

There is no way in Hades that is a matter of perspective.

Someone rearranged the boxes just as someone rearranged the shells.

The sniper's nest was created after the fact.  And Alan shows it and does Connie Krtizberg in my other link.

(When you resort to a guy who uses a phony name, you are really scraping  bottom.)

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47 minutes ago, James DiEugenio said:

There is no way in Hades that is a matter of perspective.

Despite this montage which pretty much proves that no boxes were moved in the minutes just after the assassination....



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Footnote regarding the topic of "The Sniper's Nest Boxes"....

We know, of course, that at some point on the afternoon of 11/22/63 the Dallas police did move some of the boxes around in Oswald's Sniper's Nest, in order to dust them for fingerprints. Detective Robert L. Studebaker of the DPD testified extensively about the boxes being moved in his Warren Commission testimony.

So it's certainly no secret that the DPD did move some boxes around before they took some of the pictures of those boxes (like Studebaker Exhibit J and Commission Exhibit No. 509). And the Dallas Police Department wasn't hiding that fact either (as the WC testimony of Studebaker certainly proves). Therefore, how can any sinister type of inference be derived from the fact that the DPD moved the boxes? I don't think it can.

Also See:
http://jfk-archives/Were The Sniper's Nest Boxes Moved?

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