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Biography: Ron Williams

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My focus on this forum is the JFK Assassination:

I have been interested in the JFK assassination since the day it happened. Being, at the time, that I believed everything (USA CBS new anchor) Walter Cronkite said was gospel, I had no reason to question the official story. It wasn’t until a few years later that a friend started to set me straight. I got a copy of Josiah Thompson's Six Seconds in Dallas and I knew then that Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather were liars.

I read every book on the assassination that I could get my hands on and the one that set the direction for me was Jim Garrison's Heritage of Stone. In that book Garrison said that “immense power” was demonstrated in Dealey Plaza and later in the cover-up. I set out to see if I could figure out what that immense power was. I didn't make any real progress until about 1994 when I discovered Lloyd Miller and his Project journal. This led me to what I call the "big 5" of "Conspiracy Theory," i.e., Miller, Carroll Quigley, Lyndon LaRouche (and associates), Eustace Mullins, and Antony Sutton.

I have not concentrated on the details of the case. My interest is the "big picture," the who and the why. Who ordered the death of President Kennedy and why?

If anyone wants to know what I believe about the assassination I would refer them to the following:

Robert Spiegelman's essay in William Davy's book Let Justice Be Done. The title of that essay is: Garrison's Invitation to the Millennium Ball: Where Dallas '63 Meets the Age of Globalization, and in it the author says: "The explosive hypothesis of corporate-state elite involvement in Kennedy's death is latent in Garrison's analysis."

Donald Gibson's book, The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up (in the most general sense) has solved the case for us.

Regarding the assassination:

“The facts indicate that elements within and at the highest levels of the Establishment killed Kennedy because he was the popularly elected and increasingly successful enforcer of progress. JFK was elected power, the Establishment hereditary. He was public authority, they private power. He spoke for the nation, they for the empires of private wealth and property. He looked forward to continued use of governmental institutions to advance the interests of the people within and outside the United States. They looked to a world in which diminished state power would leave them to dominate a global corporate system free only in the sense of lacking interference from democratic authority. Kennedy sought peace through progress, the Establishment sought peace born of the submission of their opponents. Kennedy encouraged people to think of the United States as a Democratic Republic that needed alert and active citizens. The Establishment promotes a cynical withdrawal into a self-oriented passivity and indifference. Kennedy was the Establishment's nightmare. He was the 'one,' the President or Monarch whose first commitment was to the many, not the few. He was winning, democracy was working. They killed him.” (The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up p 248)

Regarding the cover-up:

“The cover-up was very much a private, not a government affair. Even though Belmont of the FBI was involved early on, the Oswald did it alone story was first promoted by the media. Rostow and Acheson intervened to get the Commission created and, in the process, prevented Senate-House investigations. McCloy and Dulles dominated the Commission. This was essentially an Establishment cover-up. Only an Establishment network could do all of these things. Only they could reach into the media, the CIA, the FBI, the military (control the autopsy), and other areas of government.” (The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up, p 135)

To distill everything down to the most basic components, THE question and THE answer:

L. Fletcher Prouty: “What source of power could have made possible the murder scene, the skillful murder itself, the clean getaway, and the monstrous cover story that has persisted for nearly three decades?”

Donald Gibson: “Only an Establishment network could do all of these things.”

To properly identify the organization that I believe ordered the assassination, I use the term “The Anglo-American Establishment,” because that is the title of one of Carroll Quigley's books and that is an excellent place to start in learning who had the motive, who had the capability to do it, and who had the capability to cover it up.

Ronald R. Williams

Edited by Ronald R. Williams
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