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New RFK Jr book gives big nod to research community

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Orson Welles wrote a good screenplay in the 1970s based on one by

Donald Freed about Sirhan's brainwashing by the CIA to serve as the patsy. Sirhan

is portrayed sympathetically, as a weak, lonely young immigrant easily

manipulated by a female agent who lures him to a safe house to be worked on by his CIA programmer. It

was called ASSASSIN or THE SAFE HOUSE. Welles was to have

played the CIA programmer with Nietzschean beliefs, called Dr. William A. Must (apparently based on

Dr. William Joseph Bryan Jr.), and possibly was to have

directed the film, but of course they couldn't get funding. I write

about this in my 2007 book WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO ORSON


Mineo was being considered to play Sirhan, and he was murdered in 1976

in one of those slayings that seemed to make no sense.

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Here is another story on RFK Jr and his view of the case.

 This one is the Huffington Post.  Their editor used to work for the NY Times.

Shows what happens when you have a big enough name I guess.


I have to say that is really interesting about Orson Welles' script on the RFK case.   Would love to see it.

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I was actually looking forward to this new four hour documentary called "1968".

Then I looked it up on IMDB and found out it was produced by Hanks and Goetzmann. 


I am beginning to think that CNN is just a sop for those two hacks.  If you recall their rather undistinguished series The Sixties, and then on the fiftieth , they put together a weak, ailing Bugliosi to rattle on about the JFK case.

Let us keep our fingers crossed, because its a really good subject. 

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Of course the media focuses on the more sensational news of RFK Jr.’s meeting with his father’s convicted assassin.  

What they ignore is what RFK Jr. makes clear in his new book - that the Kennedy family now agrees with longtime JFK assassination researchers on who the prime suspects are in the case - high-ranking CIA officials like Helms, DAP and Bill Harvey.

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This reminds me of the never aired Charlie Rose interview onstage in Dallas a few years ago with RFK JR. The first news story, the next morning, quoted RFK suggesting conspiracy in his uncles death, whereupon Rose says 'like the Mafia' and JR says 'or CIA rogues'. All subsequent stories put the word Mafia in JR's mouth, but the original is more likely the truth. 

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LOL, yep.  Our MSM is so predictable.

BTW, if you heard the interview he gave on NPR, I think, its really unfortunate about his weak, strained voice.

And it appears to have gotten worse in late years.

If not, then I am sure he would be all over the TV news.  He really believes this, and i like the way he gave Moldea the back of his hand.  Like he is not even worth replying too, and he is not.

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CNN just ran a hit piece on RFK Jr's call for a re-opened investigation of his father's murder.

Brooke Baldwin had some clown on who claimed that RFK had turned around so he could get shot in the back of his ear by Sirhan.  Said there was overwhelming evidence of Sirhan's sole guilt, but he only cited a few people saying RFK turned.

And thus some outlier witness testimony is ginned up into "overwhelming evidence."


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I was just at the supermarket.

There is an issue out about the RFK case, and it clearly backs the conspiracy view of the crime.

Its not Time Life of course, its the National Enquirer.  And guess who the editor is? Dylan Howard.  This is the guy who has been publishing Steve Jaffe's stuff on the JFK case for the last few months, putting many on the front page.

The problem is that its too expensive to put on the rack next to the check out counter. Its on the magazine rack.  It has so many glossy pictures in it that its about 13 bucks.

What is on the rack is a People Weekly thing about the Kennedys. I didn't even leaf through it.  Maybe somebody else can.

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On 5/28/2018 at 12:50 PM, James DiEugenio said:

They advance evidence that they found the Girl in the Polka Dot dress.

I don't know anything about this site but it came up on a google search on Elayn Neal. It features photos of her and a number of documents and records, such as Social Security card, birth cert, school yearbooks.


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On 5/29/2018 at 1:19 PM, James DiEugenio said:

Is that site for the book?  The one by Johnson and Tate?

I have no idea, Jim. It doesn't have an index.html page, but if you go to http://rfkproject.homestead.com it lists pages that host CNN and NBC feeds that go back to 2008. Would be interesting to see if her name shows up on any of the documents released by the govt. For anyone who is interested in exploring that, the site lists her name as: PATRICIA ELAINE NEAL A.K.A. PATRICIA ELAYN NEAL. [Birth:] November 15, 1948; [death:] February 4, 2012. 

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