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New RFK Jr book gives big nod to research community

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25 minutes ago, Ron Bulman said:

Hey Jim.  The link takes me to my google inbox.  With nothing related to the thread to click on.


Is this maybe it?

I guess this was probably posted earlier and I missed it.


Nice to see two decent relevant articles from them in 11 days.

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On 6/2/2018 at 6:47 PM, James DiEugenio said:

at you read the state's reply to the Pepper/Dusek appeal.

I've spent hours trying to find Harris's  46 page report; all I get is reports of her report. Any help with a link will be returned with a hug in thought.

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The thing is CBS did not just do this interview,  but a long written report on their web site based on this interview. Which Ron linked to above.

Between this and the Tucker Carlson interview he reached millions of people.

I have always thought, as I expressed in my Consortium News essay on the Tate/Johnson book, that the RFK case did not get the attention it deserved.  Either as a clearly designed conspiracy and cover up, or in political terms.

It had always been kind of crowded out by the JFK and even the King case.

But with him and Paul Schrade out there, it may finally begin to get some attention.  And recall, in this one, the patsy is still alive.

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When you think about it, how b@llsy is it to declare your suspicions about the CIA and that your family ‘had a problem’ with the agency on national TV?  When your dad and uncle were major political figures that you think the CIA had a stealthy hand in their murders?

I’ve heard the Irish say ‘God hates a coward.’ Then the Almighty must be very pleased with RFk Jr right now.

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RE, JFK, "His commitment to eradicate war was the defining feature of his administration.  Speaking with his friend Ben Bradlee (later executive editor of the Washington Post), Jack said his highest ambition for his presidency was to be remembered with the epitaph, "He kept the peace.".

I wonder how sales of the book are doing in spite of the lack of reviews in the MSM.  I think there is a possibility it could ultimately become a world wide best seller, not just from interest in the Kennedy's, but because of it's importance in relation to the current world in which we live.  

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That chapter four on the White House gets down to the nitty gritty in so many respects.  Dulles to Helms.  Referring to researchers Lisa Pease, David Talbot and James DiEugenio.  In addition to knowing the subject from the inside out, literally, Mr. Kennedy has done his research.  In some cases as only he had the ability to do.

He relates Robert Blakey told him he is convinced Eladio del Valle and Herminio Diaz were involved in the JFK assassination, and, that both boasted of such before their deaths.  I've not read of the last part and wonder if anyone else that has might fill me in.  I read about del Valle some years back, being shot in the heart in his Cadillac then having his skull split open with a hatchet as a message to anyone he spoke to not to speak.  In reality he was hacked on the head with a machete multiple times if I remember what the coroner speculated on.  Still horrendous enough to send the message.  The part that further really caught my attention about all this was his murder happening in (?) Miami the same night David Ferrie  died under very questionable circumstances in New Orleans after being released by Jim Garrison.  While Garrison was looking for del Valle to question.  Diaz is a whole nother kettle of fish.  He seems to have been disappeared.



The part on Sam Halpern's lifetime besmirching of the Kennedy name on behalf of the CIA is damning. An Operation Mockingbird operative carried on.

Who was Joaquin Sanjenish?  I've never read about him.  "(head of the sinister and secretive CIA death squad, Operation 40)".  The same Operation 40 George Herbert Walker Bush reputedly solicited funding for (Family of Secrets, Baker?) and who used his Zapata Oil facilities for training?  This guy bears further investigation.  Where was he 11/22/63? 

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