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William Pawley CIA Asset

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I wasn't aware of just how deeply Pawley was connected to the CIA.

It is agreed that an attempt will be made to locate Pawley's next of kin to request their permission to release information pertaining to his relationship with CIA. If the next of kin cannot be identified or located, the subject can be revisited. (Note: the information in the Congressional record or in the.book "Deadly Secrets" notes that there was contact and even support between Pawley and the CIA but does not identify the full extent of that relationship.)

http://documents.theblackvault.com/documents/jfk/NARA-Oct2017/2018/104-10331-10068.pdf  Page 3

Meeting about the "Cuban Operation"

PARTICIPANTS: DCIWJ:ID; C/WH/4; General Robert Cushman, Vice Presidential ·Military Aide; Mr. Walter Donnelly, Vice President of U.S. Steel; and Mr. William Pawley, Industrialist.


Meeting with Jake Esterline


Pawley dropping names of people he knows.


Raising money with Esterline


As a cutout.


Working with CIA to tape record his meetings with Cubans.


Getting reimbursed by the CIA for Radio Swan work.



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David, it goes back well before the CIA when Pawley was picked for a very top level national intelligence review committee, that was under Eisenhower.  That committee did a full review of the entire intelligence community and wrote up extensive organizational recommendations which were classified at the very highest levels.  Pawley also served as the messenger from Eisenhower to Batista in a last ditch effort to get him to make changes before the Castro revolution.  Which all makes it insane that he actually was allowed to go into Cuba on the TILT mission.

Years ago I found that document relating the CIA sending technical support to fix a hidden tape recorder at his house, no doubt used in meetings with various exile leaders and factions. I guess it was their equipment so they were the obvious tech support...grin.

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