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Isn't this obvious

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Please can someone disabuse me of something that looks obvious to a beginner in the field. This is basic stuff but not everyone on here is deeply involved.


Around Z309 (Brake lights confirm) the limo braked. JFK, as the only un-braced person in the car (Jackie was turned sideways to the direction of motion, as are John and Nellie) fell forward at around Z312 (Forward movement visible).

1. JFK's head slumps (Removed from film)

2. JFK is shot in the temple with his head facing down.(Removed from film)

3. Debris flies out up and back(Brigioni testimony) hitting Hargis(?) (See testimony) with force and sprays up and over the front passengers (Removed from film, confirmed by Connelly's)

4. A possible second shot to Kennedy's head (See autopsy discussion). (Removed from film, verified by acoustic evidence?)

5. The limo accelerates violently (Kellerman testimony) forcing Kennedy (Again unbraced) 'back and to the front' (Seen in film but perceived to be 'the headshot')

Bear in mind, since the car is stopped almost directly in front of Zapruder, then the crop is not easily discernable as little is changing in the field of view. In the sequence discussed the car has ; decelerated ,stopped and accelerated.With a crop the car appears to be at constant speed after Z313 (confirmed by Alvarez analysis).

If Chris Davidson or David Josephs would comment I would be most grateful, as I believe their analysis is pretty persuasive on frame removal, and that a shot/shots were fired after Z313. I believe the 'maths rules' thread is relevant because the cropping has forced the cover up to move the shot back to Z313 so it aligns with the braking of the car. It seems an amazing coincidence if the headshot exactly matches the point where Kennedy was moving due to the braking.


A side issue to this, that I have only just considered is ; how far would Kennedy's Jacket and Shirt have ridden up in this scenario? Would the bullet holes in Jacket/Shirt/back align?

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