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Reawakening and involving a nations conscious

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1. (Hypothetical) A bona fide film showing Allen Dulles firing from the 6th floor into JFK has been found and aired on TV to all America.

Personal opinion: Nothing will change. The government will report a small mistake was made in investigating. Dulles was the lone gunman, not Lee. Again, no changes.

2. (Hypothetical) You are told there is bona fide proof that Senators Smith and Jones coerced Booth to kill Lincoln. Without Smith and Jones, the assassination would not have happened.

Personal opinion: Only some 50% of you, the finest assassin investigators, and only some 5% of average Americans, would seek to learn of the new intricate details.

3. April 2002, was the date for a 7 state $331 million dollar power ball lottery drawing. I’m guessing less than 5% of members here cared regarding the results.

Personal opinion: Next 300m lottery I’ll send every member (hypothetically) two tickets for the drawing. My guess, 90% of members will show interest in the results.

Potential News…Dateline : 11-22-‘05’

An unusual amount of talk and interest is going on this year during the 1995 observance of anniversary of the assassination of JFK surrounding the Innovative webgame and new eBAY style site regarding this presidents death. Web site creator John X, along with help from concerned volunteers, randomly released two million game tokens free 10/22/05. He has offered to buy back each token for over $2 a piece! And there have been few takers since the trading on his eBAY style site is both more fun, helps what many consider a patriotic cause, and lets not leave out, more money.

John X explains. “My dream of answering ABC’s show last year, regarding their conclusion of Oswalds guilt, is taking shape, and hopefully, if we succeed, I’m bringing millions of newly interested and future researches with me to see the first of our 52 weeks of TV shows.”

I have studied the Kennedy assassination says John X, and have friends who are researchers. “ I feel there is more than enough information available on the subject and that people can make an informed decision now between the government and researchers explanations.” “And to play this game on our show, you’ll need to know both sides of the explanations.” “If we’re going to raise a new intensity, I say do it now while it means something and can possibly change a wrong.” “ “I think time is short. I believe some previous government investigations may have been deficient or even hampered the outcome in their conclusions of the Kennedy assassination.” “We’re also concerned if our government has employed to its full capacity their ability to answer the 911 questions.” We the people have a right to know these answers. In fact, it’s our duty to know.” “So we intend to help!” “Our year long TV show is for and by, ‘We the people.’ “It’s not my TV show, it’s the peoples and they are involved with every facet.”

“I didn’t do this by myself,” explains John. “It took the innovative ideas of many.” “And the response from the entertainment and political world has been overwhelming.” “ The funding from the people, philanthropy and other organizations came easy when we showed the safety in the Not For Profit plan.”


One of the first tokens for sale on our new site, signed by four ‘JFK the movie’ actors, including Costner and Asner, is currently at $???.00 with 4 days left to sell. Several past presidents have sighed tokens to help our show stay afloat and will be for bid next week. Many actors have offered to autograph and then return any token purchased from the site. Singers, artist, sports teams, …the list is endless of those who are supporting the cause.

So find the value of your token if you’ve been lucky enough to come across one of these interesting pieces. Or just take a shot at bidding on a token at John X’s web site. It’s a token John X hopes will make history. Own a piece! By the way, what’s your signature worth?

If I were allowed to submit a paper its title would be: Reawakening and involving a nations conscious. “A PLAN”

To think this type of “A PLAN” or something akin, isn’t needed, or can’t be done, is illusion. Many people have been involved with knowing the truths of 11/22/63 for many years. Now, many others are interested in the 911 truths. Is there a better time for ‘WE the PEOPLE’ to join in efforts?

It may be that only this membership can or will make anything happen. Do you know of another? It would take hope, work and volunteers. As the last thing Jim Garrison (Costner) said in JFK the movie, “ITS UP TO YOU!”

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