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Mark Lane subject of released Documents

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2 hours ago, Ron Ecker said:

Wow. The FBI worrying about a speech that Mark Lane was going to give in Zurich, Switzerland.

The FBI wouldn't be this scared again till Donald Trump ran for president.



I came across a number of these kinds of docs,  Ron. I didn't save or note them because they didn't seem significantly interesting until I found that the sheer number of them speaks volumes. 

I figured a thread would be a good place to collect them.

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In all my over a half-century of knowing Mark Lane and working with him, I never ceased to be amazed by the fact that he embodied what JFK had said about how one man could make a difference.  I'm amazed that his courage was considered so dangerous to those in power that they had him followed, kept detailed records of his public appearances, private meetings and much of what he said, and then stamped it all, "Secret."

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