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Linnie Mae Randle - 2 sets of Oswalds, Summer 1963 - and a lie

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The Summer of 1963....

In April of 1963, Lee Oswald moves to New Orleans
Marina is in New Orleans from May 10 until Sept 24 1963
Lee is working for Reilly Coffee (supposedly) yet is easily proven that he is living and working in New Orleans throughout the summer of 1963...

On the other hand, there are numerous reports of Oswald sightings OUTSIDE of New Orleans... including Florida training camps (a film exists), at the Carousel working for Ruby, etc...

Dorothy Marcum was dating Jack Ruby in the summer of 1963 and her aunt
worked for Ruby.109 Dorothy told the FBI she knew for a fact that Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby knew each other, because Oswald worked for Ruby in June and July (1963). In the summer of 1963 Jack Ruby was interviewing Francis Irene Hise for a job as a waitress when a young man came into the Carousel Club. Ruby acknowledged the man by saying "Hi, Ozzie" and later joined him in the back room after finishing the interview with Francis. After Ruby hired Miss Hise the same young man came into the bar and asked if he could buy her a drink. After the assassination Miss Hise recognized "Ozzie" as "Lee Harvey Oswald."

Other Ruby employees who claim to have seen Oswald at Ruby's Carousel Club include William Crowe, Wally Weston, Dixie Lynn, and Kathy Kay. 

One would think there would not be too much incentive to state Oswald was with Ruby at that time... yet they do...  and here's come icing on the cake

Wesley's sister, living around the corner from the Paine's, tell us that LEE AND MARINA are seen "in the vicinity" of the Paine residence on numerous occasions ....

This would be at the same time JUDY BAKER claims to be spending time with a married Oswald in New Orleans....


Testimony given MARCH 11, 1964
Mrs. RANDLE. Well, I believe it was the first week in October. 

Mr. BALL. That is the first time you had ever met Mrs. Oswald? 
Mrs. RANDLE. Officially met her. I had seen her out in the yard and through the neighbor I knew who she was, I hadn't met her until that time. 


1 week later this report is written after an interview on the 16th... only 5 days later.  Why would the FBI be questioning her AFTER the testimony and 
why would Linnie Mae offer that information... "advised she recalls"



One more RANDLE connection:

Wesley lived with Linnie Mae, her husband BILL RANDLE and 3 kids - or rather they lived with him (his mother and stepfather had arrived a week prior to the 22... he was in the hospital ill on the 22nd.

BILL RANDLE indicated he personally knew LEE H OSWALD - but nothing about that was discussed or asked about by the "ace" FBI agent HT BURK...   on the other hand,

http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg Subject Index Files/R Disk/Randle Bill William Evert/Item 02.pdf  includes this FBI Randle report - including paragraph 4 - and another report summary from the Secret Service - IOW both the FBI and SS wanted to know about BILL just not what he meant in the statement below about knowing him...



One wonders why he'd mention an association to the FBI but have the SS state the opposite.... ???

In either case... LINNIE MAE's 


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