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Are you a "Q", or are you an "R"?

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36 minutes ago, Andrew Prutsok said:

Qanon is like Pizzagate on bath salts.



Forget that old CT vs LN nonsense.

That's like so old 1960'sish, man.

I want to go where the action is.

Who do I give my money to?


Steve Thomas

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I've been seeing/hearing this on youtube.  I don't believe JFK, Jr. faked his own death.  Witnesses saw an explosion in the sky the night he died.

Q talks about Trump and is on Trump's side.  He warns, Something big is about to happen."

Kathy C

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Used a better word.
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Isn't it amazing the Hillary/Clinton fantasies the Deep State/ Trumpsters concoct?  They even co opt members of the Kennedy family, who obviously think they're crazy.. References to Pizzagate and Seth Rich would occasionally pop up  here  around the 2016 election.

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This is possibly some genius's spin-off of the earlier BS that supposedly dead or out-of-the limelight politicians and celebrities have been given plastic surgery and acting lessons so they could have second careers (e. g., JFK survived to return as...Jimmy Carter).  That's still kicking around the internet, but never became as successful as this superhero-subterfuge version with pronounced Hollywood influences.

Here's a pertinent thought, though, from a Twitter user, quoted on Slate.com:


The frightening thing about QAnon isn't that a bunch of Americans believe in a looney conspiracy theory (what else is new).

It's that they're waiting for Donald Trump to arrest his entire political opposition.

These people are ready for military rule.
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