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Petition to request the Innocence Project to take up exoneration of Oswald

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13 minutes ago, David Von Pein said:

How about just coming to the long-overdue realization that....


I protest DVP's debates by proxy of his web-site. 

Reapeat your plaintive "but, but...., but the Warren Commission!".... cries all you want; but your links to your website are no substitute for a debate on a debate forum.

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10 minutes ago, Michael Clark said:

I protest DVP's debates by proxy of his web-site. ...your links to your website are no substitute for a debate on a debate forum.

Nobody's forcing you to click on them, are they now Mike?

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7 minutes ago, David Von Pein said:

None of your business.

This is a debate forum. If you advertise your money making disinlormation website, at the expense of free, and free, debate on this forum, then I think membership and forum owners can decide for themselves whether it is their business. I think it is.

David Von Pein, do you make money on your website?

Edited by Michael Clark
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So, crazy Lee brought a rifle to work not knowing if he'd be alone long enough or be able to get a clean shot off at JFK?

He practiced a couple times at a shooting range with stationary targets from a flat line of fire and amazingly was able to pull off some insanely good shooting on a moving target from six stories up with several people all around and managed to only kill his target? (Under that kind of pressure, ole Lee should have been better than Pistol Pete at shooting)

Then crazy Lee scrambles around all willy nilly via foot and bus only to kill a cop and bring a ripped dollar bill to a theater? 

It is just a matter of coincidence that Dulles, Johnson, oil barons, cia folks holding a grudge, and the list goes on and on all had a lot to lose if Kennedy saw another term and a hell of a lot to gain with his death? 

Nope, early 20's Lee went and blindly solved everyone's problems by himself. 


The people that don't believe this to be true you claim to have issues with sanity. Friend, look in a mirror. Honestly, I'm sure this late in the game you've thumped your chest so many times claiming how right you are that there's no going back, and you must be a very proud person to hold such strong beliefs but you're the guy that stands on the street corner shouting the end is near and you don't even know it.



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From Greg Parker




yesterday, my petition was posted at the Ed Forum.

Not a single person extra has signed as a result, and that may be down to Larry Schnapf who responded with this:

"This is not the way to go...and i so advised the organizers of this effort.  There is a way to do this in Texas and this generalized approach will be nothing but idle ceremony ."

Firstly, Larry - it is "organizer" singular - me. 

Secondly, when I want the advice of someone who LOST an unlosable MOCK trial, I'll seek psychiatric help instead. 

Thirdly, I gave my word that I would not speak publicly about, or interfere in any way, with CAPA's upcoming efforts on various fronts. I foolishly believed there would be some reciprocity with that. Won't make that mistake again. The gloves are off.

Fourthly, your reasoning that the Innocence Project won't help based on your own gently gently tippy-toeing to their door, cap in hand for help is as faulty as your defense of Oswald. I want to see .how they handle a petition with thousands of names attached. I want to see how they handle media inquiries about.it. Let them say "no" under the spotlight of the public instead of a single person under a bare porch light.

The fact is that there are no legislative restrictions on who they decide to help. Their policies are just that - policies - and they can be changed or ignored as they see fit. 

If anyone wants to see this petition handed to the Innocence Project, you need to sign it. But if you agree with Larry, by all means, send him your bullet trajectory analysis. He'll appreciate it.

Another response came from David Von Pein who said (to paraphrase) 

"How about just coming to the long overdue realization that Oswald was guilty because the evidence says so."

Well  David,

Timothy Evans was guilty because the evidence said so and he was hanged as a result. One problem. He was actually innocent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Evans

Tommy Lee Walker was guilty because the evidence said so and he was sent to the electric chair as a result. One problem. He was actually innocent. https://www.dmagazine.com/publications/d-magazine/2016/may/henry-wade-executed-innocent-man/

Quintin Lee Alonzo was guilty because the evidence said so. He spent 15 years inside. He was freed because.... say it along with me now David...because he was actually innocent.... https://www.kxan.com/news/texas/dallas-man-free-after-judge-agrees-he-s-innocent/1210341852

William Barnhouse was guilty because the evidence said so, He spent 25 years in jail before becoming the 350th person freed on DNA evidence. 

THREE HUNDRED AND FRIGGIN FIFTY, DAVID. Do you really want to stand by the evidence produced by the same justice system - evidence that unlike the cases above - was never even tested in court?  

I want everyone reading this to ask themselves a simple question. Do you believe in justice for ALL, or just those who managed to live long enough to get the help they needed? 

If the answer is "yes" SIGN THE DAMN PETITION.

If the answer is no,then you just may fit very well with CAPA and their big budget, small outcome BS.

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