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Steve Thomas

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7 hours ago, Bart Kamp said:

I made mention of him in my first paper on Oswald's interrogations.

Pages 232 - 237.





As you say on page 236 of your tome, the two statements by Fritz three months apart directly contradict each other. On that same page, you also asked about the DPD Archives.

A copy of the telegram can be found in

Box 2, Folder# 11, Item# 4



Box 7, Folder# 5, Item# 35


I don't know where the name McDervid comes from. The lawyer's name was McDermid. It wasn't McDervid (or McDavid) as the FBI reports indicate.

Also, the telegram was sent at 12:29 CST. Since Chicago and Dallas are on the same time zone, this would have been right at the time of that mysterious 12:35 interrogation the DPD so desperately tried to conceal.


Steve Thomas

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Yes Steve, but I did not question, I pointed Fritz to the archives, more in jest, the fact that he said he could not find it was just rubbish.

The telegram mentions 12:29 CST, but also 11:20.......

And the FBI document from Feb 5th  1964 states that McDervid tried to contact Oswald at 11:07 of the 23rd.....

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