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Ray Hawkins and Ray Hawkins

Steve Thomas

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I ran across this little coincidence and thought it was interesting.

The Dallas Police Department motorcycle officer who responded to the Tippit shooting, and whose personally-owned handcuffs were used to handcuff Lee Harvey Oswald in the Texas Theater was named Ray Hawkins.


According to John Grossi, aka, Jack Bowen of the library card fame; Ray Hawkins was also the name of the man who was the Foreman of the Photography Department at Jaggars-Chiles Stovall.

FBI interview of John Grossi:


I don't imagine it was the same man, unless he was moonlighting; although that seems unlikely, as Ray Hawkins, the motorcycle policeman, told the WC that he had been with the DPD for 11 years.


I just thought it was interesting.


Steve Thomas

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