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Not a Coincidence: 50 Years since The White Album Came Out

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Roy: Check YouTube for (the return of) a series of videos produced by an org called Apaul Corps Ltd. - see logo at start of video clip below.  These were an arty Paul Is Dead compendium that was rumored to have been produced as a gag by McCartney himself.  There were quite a few, this is the only one left on YT that I can find.  It's a digest of the 50-odd shorter films, all of which were spooky good fun, especially late at night:



Check YouTube also for podcasts on The Beatles by small-press book authors dealing with political topics.

This below has commentary on The Beatles as media revolutionaries and the Counterculture as a political movement, together with occult Beatle connections you may want to take less seriously.  Also the influence of avant-garde music on the group, which can be read in other books:







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David Andrews,

Thanks so much for those videos.  Wow. I don't believe I've ever seen them, and all I do on the web is JFK and the Beatles, about 80-20.  I culled a few nugs and bits from what I have seen.  I plan to go to sleep tonight (this morning) watching the long one.

One thing for sure with the Liverpudlians in 1968, they hated them some guns.  George often said, "If everyone who had a gun just shot themselves, there wouldn't be a problem."  From looking at American Rifleman, John got the idea that it was an orgiastic pleasure for the sadistic gun-worshipper to kill animals, hence the mixture of sex and violence in "Happiness Is a Warm Gun".  Also, this is the time Paul stopped, or started stopping, eating "anything with a face."  Ringo has some bon mots on the subject.  They were all aghast at developments in the States.

Oh, in one of your earlier posts you gave me a good larf with your "...the four Beatle portraits included with the LP look like items spilled out an SAS file."  I read that at first as SDS file, Students for a Democratic Society.  Did you mean SAS?  If so, what is that?  I figured they looked like the scruffs arrested at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago that summer of '68.  They sure do and then some.

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"...the four Beatle portraits included with the LP look like items spilled out of an SAS file."


They've got a domestic black ops unit as well.

Roy, I think the best thing you could do is to not describe the White Album song by song to fit your thesis, but instead write an essay on how the thematics linking the songs across the album supports your thesis.

Y'know, I'm listening to downloads of The Beatles in Mono and The Beatles Stereo box set, and I'm wondering if George Martin wasn't sidelined during the White Album because he was responsible for all the previous and awful "Beatles fake stereo" records, in which the music is in the left channel and the vocals are in the right.  The stereo mix of the White Album is an improvement over this method, and was done by the engineer and not Martin.  It's no wonder that Lennon cried "Back to Mono!" when the stereo mixes were so rigidly unimaginative before the White Album.

NB that the White Album becomes self-referential, an ourobourous, courtesy of Harrison:

"We all know 'Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da,'

But can you tell me, where you are?"  -- Savoy Truffle, side 4


It's the bloody Beatles' White Album.  Shut up. -- McCartney

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For devotees, this is what remains of the entire Apaul Corps (Apple Corps - A Paul Corpse) / Rotten Apple series of YouTube videos digested in The Winged Beatle (see post above).  Use link below to connect to IamaphoneyHD channel featuring dozens of short films in the series:



What's the Kennedy connection? you might well ask.  I'd say, Paul Is Dead represents the Beatle will and money to create a conspiracy mythography competing with those in political culture.  Perhaps this is part of the method of the White Album, or else the White Album displays the tired abandonment and closure of the method and mythography.


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