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The Crimes of Quillette

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Fred Litwin sure is an eager beaver.  He got himself printed in this online journal.  Which, as I discovered,  has an interesting pedigree, with the whole "Google Memo" episode.

They then got someone on their staff to do a parallel story to Fred's.  Which turned out to be almost funny.  In this case, the illusion disappeared once he watched the whole Peter Jennings roll of crapola in 2003.  You know Dale Myer's and that junk.  Wow.  How stupid do they think we are.

Anyway, some new info here that I don't think I ever have written about.  Interesting destination for Tom Bethell when he fled New Orleans, among other nuggets, like how and why Jenning became such a sellout.



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54 minutes ago, James DiEugenio said:



There was  a guy on this forum a year or so ago who said that every time he read an article by me he learned about ten new words.

But I hope you learned more than that.  Especially why Jenning became such a sell out.



You wrote, " If you continually and falsely smear the DA’s investigation, ..."

Boy, does that ever sound familiar.


Steve Thomas

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When you mentioned Quillette as a "libertarian inspired PC,..." a koch lightbulb went off.  That's what it, palmer and litwin are, libertarian paid lie spewing propagandists.  Not Truth, Justice seeking journalists.  They are not just ignorant or naïve but deliberate.  Just like Posner, Bugliosi, Jennings and Meyers.   

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Well, I think that is accurate.

Quillette is part of the Libertarian movement which is Koch inspired.  They like to say they are about science and truth and technical matters.  But in looking at their work on the JFK case, that is simply not the case.  They did no examination, Claire Lehmann did no proofreading, or fact checking.  What she wanted was a pro WC slant and she got it.

Its a bit different than Jennings, because in his case, essentially Casey swooped down and got his buddies at Cap Cities to purchase ABC in retaliation for that ABC report about the CIA hiring an assassin to squelch the exposure of Bishop Baldwin begin a CIA front.  I was alway surprised that hardly anyone paid any attention to what Casey had done.  It was a blatant attempt to control the media.  BTW, if i recall, ABC had also done The Day After mini series.  After Casey took over they did that horrible series Amerika.  Again, no one noticed.

But  you are right, the ends are the same.

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