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Allen and Murray Contact Sheets: Timestamps.

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Allen and Murray Contact Sheets. I did this last earlier this year. The photo below is the one Allen took of the TSBD employees put in a police car. I doubt it was ever published in a book, newspaper or magazine or even available on the Internet before I published it.

I do not know the identity of the man on the bottom-left taking a photo. Could be Houston Chronicle's photographer Art Uhlmann. I have contacted several people at the HC trying to interest them in making a Nov 22 report on his photos in Dealey Plaza that have never been published or seen by researchers, AFAIK. They don't give a damn about it. But they did published an article entitled like "Rare JFK assassination photos" that don't include any rare photos.



I used Richard Sprague's List for the timestamps and description of things and persons seen in the photos:




Edited by Denis Morissette
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