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MWN Episode 103 – Robert Groden on the Zapruder Film Alteration Debate

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Interesting that he claims (around 11:00 in) that Mr. Zapruder started filming while the limo was on Houston, kept on filming, then stopped to rewind the camera, then resumed filming which is an explanation for the limo jumping down Elm in the extant version today.  I hadn't heard that before, I think Mr. Zapruder said that once he began filming, he didn't stop.  Groden says a full wind would last for 30-40 seconds, which seems like a short amount of time, to have to stop every 40 seconds to rewind the camera.  In addition, it was not 30-40 seconds from when he started filming while the limo is on Houston until the film stops after it goes into the triple underpass, more like 20 seconds I'd guess.  My folks had an 8mm camera that captured our old home movies, and they didn't have to stop every 30-40 seconds to rewind the thing, those movies are continuous.

I'm not sure where he gets the evidence for the camera winding, maybe others have heard that?  I've assumed that someone (as described by Doug Horne and others) altered the film, removing inconvenient / anti-WC frames which includes whatever the original showed during the turn from Houston onto Elm - the limo almost hitting the concrete median on the annex street in front of the TSBD.


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