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Shirt bunching experiment (SBT)

Jake Hammond

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2 minutes ago, John Butler said:

I posted these mainly for myself to take a better look at the argument.  No one is going to change their position on the SBT.  They basically haven't in 55 years.  The argument is basically a useless endeavor but, it goes on endlessly.

What I posted may help someone new to the argument.

 It is useless because really its not significant. It used to be used to show that there was more than one shooter but its so obvious now that there was a shooter at the front that we perhaps don't need to argue. I think its more a 'game' to play. Rather than debate the more serious issues you can gauge a persons cognitive ability through a well known topic with lots of images to help. UNtil I see any proof that all of those wounds, which line up perfectly, were caused by three separate ' blood soluable' bullets ,as one has suggested, were fired at the same exact time and the shooters of said shots then didn't fire again.... I'm sticking with what it looks like on the Z film and what the evidence shows. A single shot from up high. 

 Crenshaw was mistaken, he was not experienced with a full range of gunshot wounds. Most importantly a fast paced FMJ round.  There is no big conspiracy with the trach. wound, it is standard procedure and was done quite normally. No one tried to hide that fact at Parkland. 

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8 minutes ago, John Butler said:

Blood spots are amorphous.  No. 1 and No.2 have structure that appears to come from a tumbling bullet or as the anthropologists say "a bit of morphology".  Magnify the images and that becomes clearer.

i can't conclude from that image that there are several or even two gunshots. Also, it just doesn't make any sense, why not cover up those marks or crop the image. I mean it would take a second to do and cost nothing. If I was trying to disguise multiple shots and went to the incredibly complex and costly nefarious extremes that some cTers suggest then SURELY the first thing you'd do is crop that back image or airbrush the other ' wounds ' out. Thats CIA cover up 101. 

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1 hour ago, John Butler said:


In order to speak about the SBT or a throat shot from the front one needs to agree on where the bullet struck.  For the SBT, one needs to connect the hole in the tie (throat wound) to an area on John Connally.  This spot would be just below the right nipple of John Connally where the bullet exited his chest.  This angle would look something like this.

This was posted in another thread.  It is an approximation that is close enough to suggest that the bunched jacket and shirt really isn't much of an argument.

Except most people make this mistake. If you take this angle which appears to fit and then account for the slope in Dealey it becomes an issue so this picture is not really accurate. 

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