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Marilyn and the Mob

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Another great find.  You must have an army of scouts looking for gold to pass on to you.  And then you pass the pure nuggets to us.  We're lucky to have you here. 

The Mob, led by Frankie Snot (showbiz name "Sinatra"), had done most of "the job" of assassinating Marilyn that weekend at Cal Neva Lodge, shortly before the final murder at her home early August 1962.  I won't recount it here; it's almost too horrible to read it in the primary sources.

Through Peter Lawford, she learned that RFK, out West at the time, would not see her or have anything more to do with her.  Then some of Frankie's boys showed her the pics of what many men and women had done to her that previous weekend at Cal Neva when she was passed out, drunk and drugged.  Then, she took a lot of pills and had to have her stomach pumped.  This was convenient for the mobsters --  MM was on record as a fading star who was tres careless with pharmaceuticals.

Sidenote not in this article:  Joe Dimaggio, dumb as a bag of rocks and vindictive*** as Nero's mommy, always believed the Kennedys had something to do with Monroe's death.  It was easy for the Mob to convince him of this.  So Doltin Joe always carried a vendetta in his heart against Jack, Bobby, and Lawford.  When it was Joe Dim's own buddies who did it because MM was out of their control, and p**sed about the way-over-the-line abuse she suffered at the hands of so many men she had been so good to!!!  And when the mobsters saw they could get away with killing such a public figure, and a beloved woman to boot, it gave them bushwhackers' courage.  Then Medgar Evers right after Kennedy's big civil rights speech June 1963.  They all became more emboldened, murder anyone they had a grudge against, and with impunity.

Also in this article:

* 10/63 Sinatra lost his gaming license.  You bet that angered the vindictive punk.  And Jack had recently ended their relationship, staying at Bing Crosby's during a Western visit.

* Sam Giancana, according to his daughter and others, bilked CIA out of millions of dollars.  "To get Castro", he kept stringing them along with that scheme/canard.

* More corroboration of Frank Ragano's report that Trafficante, Marcello, and Hoffa were prime movers behind JFKA

*** From the 2013 book Still Foolin' 'Em, an example of Joe Dim's vindictive nature, he punched comedian and Yankee fanatic Billy Crystal in the stomach HARD and with no warning after a major Yankees event.  Mr. Crystal's provocation?  He introduced JD to the crowd without using the epithet "the greatest living baseball player."  Heck, JD isn't even the greatest Dimaggio ballplayer.  That is Dom, The Professor.  By a mile.  The entire Red Sox roster that won the World Be Serious this year are all better than Boltin' Joe.  (He begged out of WW2 service with foot problems, just like our current president, Agent Orange, got out of Vietnam.)

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Um, is Rosamond Press a history blog, or an arts-and-opinion blog taking liberties?



There was once a lady posting on EF who was raised by Klan types who shot Kennedy.  Then she went out to California to live with an uncle who turned out to be the Zodiac killer.  Then she fled to Canada and unknowingly moved in with the Pig Farm killers...

Rosamond Press's tidbit on Monroe at the Cal-Neva is excerpted from this page:


which, in turn, shows it to be a lift from a long book excerpt on John Roselli,  RP doesn't even credit the book he lifts from.

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