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Spy Wars 2018 -- San Francisco

Jim Hargrove

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From Spy Wars, Part 2: March 3, 2018 in San Francisco

Above courtesy Dr. Gary Aguilar and YouTube
Speakers in this clip are:

Bill Simpich--BS
Peter Dale Scott – PDS
John Newman – JN

Re. the alleged “Oswald” calls in Mexico City in 1963:

At approximately the 37:12 mark in the YouTube clip above:

BS: There’s two different genuses of false phone calls. 
PDS: Yeah, exactly.  One was a call with a lie in it, the other was an alleged call that did not, in fact, take place.
JN: The Tuesday call didn’t take place?
PDS: No, the Tuesday call did take place by a man, I’m sure, was not the Oswald we think of….
JN: Right
PDS: … and then, by the way… this is just a question… are you absolutely convinced that the man who was “Lee Harvey Oswald” in Russia was, in fact, the man picked up in Dallas in 1963?
JN: Not at all.  And I’ve gone over to the view that in Mexico City that, maybe it’s him, maybe it’s not. So I’m not going to be dogmatic about it. He could have been there and impersonated or could have been not there at all.
PDS: … There is a fragment of a release that says that the man who made the phone calls spoke horrible Russian AND English!  So, I do not think that was the man in Dallas. 

There was much, much more to the conversation above, but since the  question “Who was Oswald?” is my specialty, I included this.  Hopefully, other members here will add more in their own special areas of interest.

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That was from the March one.

Gary Aguilar had another one this December.

I thought one of the most fascinating presentations was by David Josephs.  His presentation on MC went beyond the above.  

He showed how Ochoa and Echeverria helped create an evidence trail out of wholecloth in MC.  This idea more closely aligns with Armstrong's theory that Oswald was not in MC.

Let us not forget, Echeverria later became the president of Mexico.

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Yeah, David has done some fascinating work on MC.  It wasn't too long ago, if memory serves, that he discovered that virtually ALL of the Mexican paper evidence for the alleged MC trip came out of the office of a single Mexican bureaucrat.  No doubt by now he has taken this farther....


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21 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

Actually there should be since I think Max Good taped it.  

There were about 6 good speeches given in addition to this. 

Found the one of you speaking on vimeo.

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