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JFK Assassination Marathon - Theories, Conversation and Killer Revealed

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JFK Assassination Marathon - Theories, Conversation and Killer Revealed!

Dr. Walt Brown is the author of the 32,000+ page Master JFK Chronology and is considered by most experts to be the world's greatest researcher of the JFK assassination.

Premiered Nov 23, 2018


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I have not listened to the full interview due to time restraint on my part. What I did hear was fascinating. Walt is extremely articulate and a most interesting person to interview. He has done his homework in spades on the JFK assassination. He does put George H. W. Bush on the ground in Dallas as the overseer of the assassination.

There has always been the rumor in Texas, where I live, that the original decision to kill Kennedy was reached at a clandestine meeting of Lyndon Johnson and George H. W. Bush in Galveston.

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I listened to quite a bit, including the part about Bush. For me the place to look is his buddy Jack Crichton and his Army Intelligence Detachment and the Dallas cops who were in Crichton’s Unit.  And so clearly it was the Bush Family that benefitted from the destruction of the Kennedys. If my reading of history is correct, Nixon owed his political career to Prescott, and George owed his to Nixon. 

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I just finished listening to it. It's an interesting compilation of two interviews from a few years back. There's a little repetition between the two interviews and occasionally the topic of conversation veers away from JFK, but that's brief.

Brown does not name a shooter, so the title is misleading. I still found it informative, though there are a few things I would want to follow up on.

Here are my notes. This is only my interpretation. Hopefully I'm summarizing his views accurately. If not, I apologize. I'm not sure of the spelling of certain names, so I've tried to put them in quotes. Also, these are only a few of the things that stood out the most to me personally. It's not meant to comprehensively represent everything that was discussed in the entire video.


Brown believes it was a military plot ultimately intended to reverse Kennedy's intent to draw down in Vietnam, and that George H.W. Bush was probably the man in charge of the conspiracy at the Texas level. Brown's view appears to be that there is not that much of a difference or divide between top military intelligence and the CIA. He doubts that Lyndon Johnson was the main force behind the conspiracy.

At 26:30 and 32:00 Brown mentions a "J.D. Wilmuth" a Colonel in Army intelligence that served in Moscow and was connected to Michael Paine in some way. (I'd love to know more. I find the Paines to be persons of interest.)

Brown also mentions James Powell, a military intelligence officer that was in Dealey Plaza and taking pictures of the TSBD during the assassination. Brown theorizes that Powell was there to ensure that Oswald was on the scene. ( If my memory serves me, Powell then made his way to the Dal Tex building and to the company of Jim Braden. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about that.)

A surprising factoid that I had never heard came around at 34:00, where Brown says there were no planned DPD escort assignments to go from the Trade Mart back to Love Field. I wonder if this is true?

Around 36:00 Brown mentions Jack Crichton, Texas oilman with a military intelligence background and with connections to George de Mohrenschildt (and, according to Wikipedia, George H.W. Bush). Brown also mentions a connection with a person by the name of "Mamentoff" maybe? I couldn't quite understand what Brown was saying or the relevance of the person by that name. Most interestingly, Brown says that Crichton later went to work for fellow oilman D.H. Byrd who owned the TSBD and kept the sixth floor window frame in his home.

Brown points out that Oswald made a late night phone call to North Carolina to a person named John Hurt. If memory serves me again, there were two men in NC by that name, one of them former military intelligence.

Around 43:00, Brown seems to say Arlen Specter was also former Army intelligence. Does anyone know if that's true?

Brown made a good point that doesn't get much attention: if the rifle was disassembled and reassembled, it would need to be resighted before it would again fire accurately. Around 1:13:00, Brown tells of the rifle being "bench fired" (fired while fixed in position by a vice) and reportedly the rifle was inaccurate even from a 15 yard distance. Brown calculates that at Oswald's alleged distance, any bullets would be 20 feet off the mark.

Around 1:19:30 in the video, Brown says Tippit was parked at the final bus stop of the bus that Oswald had boarded earlier. That's a detail I hadn't heard before.

Around 1:42:00 Brown claims that Oswald had not been practicing with his rifle since 1959. I'm not sure how Brown views the reports of people allegedly seeing Oswald at the Sports Drome rifle range just before the assassination.

Around 2:06:30 Brown talks about radiating fractures criss-crossing JFK's skull, and how this should be impossible. I need to follow up on this.

At one point Brown talks about Dr. Cyril Wecht saying that Wecht believes a bullet went into JFK's back and out his throat, and Brown theorizes that bullet is the bullet that hit the chrome trim over the front windshield. I could be wrong, but I suspect Wecht was saying that even if the bullet hit JFK in the back and went out his throat, for it to go on and hit Connally at the angle it was going, JFK would have had to been tying his shoes at the time. Saying that he believed the bullet entered JFK's back and went out his throat doesn't sound at all like something I'd ever expect Cyril Wecht to say.

All in all a good series of interviews, and Brown's timeline is a valuable resource.

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3 hours ago, Denny Zartman said:

Around 36:00 Brown mentions Jack Crichton, Texas oilman with a military intelligence background and with connections to George de Mohrenschildt (and, according to Wikipedia, George H.W. Bush). Brown also mentions a connection with a person by the name of "Mamentoff" maybe? I couldn't quite understand what Brown was saying or the relevance of the person by that name.



That would would be Ilya Mamontov.

In trying to find an interpreter for Marina Oswald, George Lumpkin of the Dallas Police Department called Jack Crichton. Crichton told him to call  Mamontov.

Warren Commission Hearings. Vol. XIX p. 106



Ilya Mamantov identified Jack Crichton as a petroleum independent contractor, “and if I'm not mistaken he is connected with the Army Reserve, Intelligence Service.” Five minutes later, George Lumpkin called Mamantov. Thirty minutes before they called Mamantov however, Mamontov had called the FBI and offered his services because he knew Oswald and “knew of his background here in Dallas.” Mamontov also had intelligence connections.


From John Simkin in the Education Forum 1/7/2009


In 1963 Crichton was nominated by the Republican Party for the post of Governor of Texas. He joined forces with George H. W. Bush, who was the nominee for the U.S. Senate. As Crichton later recalled, he and Bush "spoke from the same podiums" that year. However, Crichton was defeated by John Connally and he later wrote a book about his failed attempt to become governor, "The Republican-Democrat Political Campaigns: In Texas in 1964".


Someday I'm going to buy that book.


Steve Thomas

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4 hours ago, Steve Thomas said:

That would would be Ilya Mamontov.

Thank you, Steve. That's an interesting story.

4 hours ago, Steve Thomas said:

Another one of those damn Colonels again.

Great catch. I can't believe I typed that out and didn't make a connection. I have to dig through my notes and refresh my memory about that other story. Someone was at a meeting (with Ruby?) where there was reportedly a Colonel (in uniform?), and there was also a guy who was described as looking like a boxer. I found the name of the boxer by accident and have to find it again, and now I have to see if I can go back and find those details.

As for Colonel Wilmeth, as usual, the forum here has already discussed him a bit on this thread, which I haven't yet read:

Col. J. D. Wilmeth

Here's the FBI report about Wilmeth and his contacts with the Paines and Marina. Looks like the scanner software was really struggling to turn this into a text file:

Full text of "Wilmeth J D Colonel"


rE>-303 {Tu>v* 3-3-&3J 



January 16, 12-54 

Colonel J. D. tOIWSTH, Route 8, Box 691, 8501 Heron 
Drive, furnished the follovring information. 

WILMETH retired from the U„ S. Army in i960 
and. obtained a Master* s- Degree from Texas University, majoring 
in the Russian language, in 1962, ' Ee has been teaching 
Russian at Arlington State College, Arlington, Texas, since 
1962. During the early part of November, 1963, he learned 
that a lady from Russia was staying with a family by the name 
of PAINE in Irving, Texas. He called Mr. PAINE who works 
for Bell Helicopter, and obtained the address and telephone 
number of Mrs. PAINE and also obtained the name of this 
Russian woman as Mrs. LEE OSWALD. 

On or about November 11 or 12, 1963, he telephonic ally 
contacted Mrs. PAINE and explained to her that he would like 
to meet Mrs . OSWALD and talk to her about the Russian language. 
Colonel WILMETH was a member of the U. S, Military Force in 
Mexico for two years during World War XI. He learned a great 
deal about the Russian language at that time. He was interested 
in talking to someone who might help him in .appearing before 
his class to discuss the modem Russian language, fie made 
arrangements to visit PAINE and Mrs. OSWALD for Tuesday, 

November 19, 1963. He went to the PAINE residence and visited 
with firs. PAINE and Mrs. OSWALD for about an hour and a half 
on November 19, 1963. This was strictly a social visit ar?d 
he talked Russian with Mrs. OSWALD and Mrs. PAINE and also 
made arrangements to come back for another visit on November 26, 
1963. Mr. EES OSWALD was not present and his name was not 

After the assassination occurred cn November 22, 
1963, he called Mrs. PAINE on November 26, 1963 and advised 
her that in view of present circumstances he would make no 
attempt to contact Mrs. OSWALD any further. 

WILMETH has not seen or talked to Mrs. OSWALD any' 
more, but did send her a Christmas card at a Post Office box 
in Grand Prairie. Ke has never ' seen or met LEE HARVEY 'OSWALD 
and knows nothing of the background of, OSWALD or. his family. 

1-13-64 Fort Worth, Texas 

on . at 


by Special A C onf ,...RORLSY D. MA ELAN D 


FMo #. 

DL 100-10461 


— ?. [ . * y— Daia dictated — 

ThJ» dacumunt eir. luMia neither rtcoitiiin* ndaUQive nor concluoione of Uu* FBI* It In tho property 0/ iht> FBI ond i* loomed lo 
c^uivry; It emu Ms coedenM ur& not to t* di«lri£?uttrd outdid* your nipjftcy, 


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Because of time constraints I can only listen to the Brown interviews later today.

However, many thoughts popped into my head after listening to the beginning of the tape and reading the other postings here right now.

Just one:

For those who lean on and agree with Robert Oswald's assessment of his brother Lee's lone nut guilt, ( especially after Robert's conversation with Lee in jail ) have they considered whether Robert Oswald knew of Lee's attempted call to North Carolina and a John Hurt there ( which was documented ) while Lee was incarcerated in the DPD jail the night before, at any time except for perhaps years later after 11,22,1963?

Of course Robert Oswald didn't know of his brother's North Carolina call the night before he talked to him at the jail.  There was so much more to Lee Harvey Oswald that Robert Oswald was totally oblivious too.

An added neat thing about Walt Brown to me, on top of his broad knowledge and research, is his really funny "New Joisey" sense of humor!

At times as wittily sharp as a polished stand up comedian. Which he throws in just enough to make his interviews that much more easy to listen to.


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27 minutes ago, Denny Zartman said:

 Someone was at a meeting (with Ruby?) where there was reportedly a Colonel (in uniform?),




That would probable be Nancy Perrin Rich.

You can see her WC testimony here:


I think the Colonel in question is L. Robert Castorr.


Steve Thomas

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1 hour ago, Denny Zartman said:

Outstanding. Thanks very much, Steve. You sure know your stuff!

What do you make of all these Colonels bopping around?



You might be interested in this thread:



Steve Thomas

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All this stuff is dotted throughout Walt’s full published chronology, but it’s so, so long - including all the supplementary volumes, it’s easily several times the length of RECLAIMING HISTORY - most people will never finish reading it. At the end of Volume 4 Walt includes a roughly 200 page summary of how he thinks the entire plot went down, including a lengthy Q&A discussing elements of the assassinstion from questions sent in by subscribers to his mag. I’ve browsed the summary without reading it from start to finish as I felt I should read the whole chronology first, but each of the four main ebooks takes around a month to read, so with a life and a family I’ve never hit volume 4. Just to mention for those unfamiliar with his ebooks (which I suspect few here are now), book 1 is the years and months before the assassination, book 2 is the weekend of JFK’s death, book 3 covers the Warren Commission and book 4 covers the media, HSCA, AARB and researchers up to the present day. The supplementary volumes have titles like ‘Dealey Plaza Perceptions’, ‘Motorcade Witnesses’, ‘Jack Ruby’, ‘Medical Evidence’ and so on, and are heavily annotated with essays and chapters by Walt. They’re all on Amazon, and the Word doc. CD that Walt sells is beneficial as you can correct the frequent spelling errors and typos that pop up in his self-published manuscript.

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18 hours ago, Douglas Caddy said:

There has always been the rumor in Texas, where I live, that the original decision to kill Kennedy was reached at a clandestine meeting of Lyndon Johnson and George H. W. Bush in Galveston.

Galveston is an interesting place...

David Ferrie goes ice skating there.

Rose Cheramie goes there to meet a sailor carrying drugs.

Jack Ruby calls Breck Wall there on Saturday the 23rd.



Galveston is an interesting place.


Steve Thomas

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My question to those who have read a decent amount of Walt Brown's massive chronology...

Can you tell us in a general way, and/or specific ways, how you feel the chronological summary of Brown helps us to understand the event more instructively and has the summary changed your personal views on the assassination and who you feel may have been the guilty parties?

Has Brown's summary persuaded you to eliminated suspects who you may not have eliminated earlier before reading his summary?


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