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Lee Harvey Oswald Talking In Russia 1960-1961

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Interesting that every single word "Lee Harvey Oswald" spoke was in English in this recording apparently from Russia.  The other speaker on the tape was Prof. Ernst Titovets, a Russian who came to the United States recently and brought, he said, the recording with him.

Prof. Titovets seemed to arrive in the United States among a flurry of intrigue in order to contradict the assertion by John Armstrong that "Lee Harvey Oswald" hid his fluency in Russian while in the Soviet Union.  Titovets claimed that Oswald spoke Russian openly in the USSR.  But did he?

Millicent Cranor wrote an expose of Prof. Titovets which included this:

Titovets considers the idea that Oswald was connected to either American or Russian intelligence the “wildest speculation.”  “A James Bond fantasy.”  He ignores the evidence of Oswald’s connections to American intelligence as revealed in many books, and seems to hope his readers will ignore it as well, thereby effectively cutting the marionette’s wires.

Why didn't "Oswald" speak Russian in the recordings Titovets provided us.  Was Titovets a CIA apologist?  Read Millicent Cranor's expose here:


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I have just listened to the Russian Oswald tape and his tape in New Orleans.  In the Russian tape Oswald has a more pronounced southern accent.  Not necessarily a New Orleans accent but a southern one combining Louisiana and Texas.  The New Orleans tape with Oswald has very little of a southern accent but, a northern accent with foreign implications in some words pronounced.  One would think that Oswald on returning to his birth place would automatically pick up on prior speech acent patterns to fit in. 

I first thought the Russian Oswald was a different person because the accent was not the same.  However, their speech pattern and goofy laugh has much in common.   

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