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I for one have never been, nor am I now, of the mind that the CIA, (Langley), was part of the conspiracy to assassinate president Kennedy. To me Paul the only way to solve any murder is to look for motive. Who had the least to lose and the most to gain by assassinating president Kennedy?

Clearly, in view of the success of Attorney General Robert Kennedy's war on organized crime, the mafia had by far the strongest motive in organizing the conspiracy. Their very survival depended on it. With men like Johnny Roselli and Sam Giancanna deeply embedded within the CIA's operations to oust Fidel Castro, the mob had access to information that even few politicians had at that time, information that would have been critical in any conspiracy against the president, (including information of other covert action that may have centered on Walker... the key to initiating the cover-up). It is interesting to note that during the months and weeks leading up to the president's visit to Dallas, FBI SA James Hosty had been assigned to two specific individuals in the Dallas area, Lee Oswald and Edwin Walker. I often wonder, in light of the infamous "Oswald note", how close the FBI may have been to linking Oswald to the Walker shooting, (if they hadn't already).

As to organized crime's ability to carry out such a crime, one only needs to research their history here in America as well as their origins in Italy and Sicily. Assassination was their forte. It was very often how they rose to power and remained there. While their leaders may have lacked the sophistication we often associate with the cloak and dagger world of espionage, they far exceeded their CIA counterparts when it came to the idea of committing cold blooded murder. To people like Carlos Marcello this was considered part of the "cost of doing business".

Who may have pulled the trigger(s), matters little. While I believe Oswald was one of them, I also believe his main role was that of the "patsy", as was Ruby in many ways in the end. What often impedes our view of the overall picture in this case is distinguishing between the few who conspired to assassinate JFK, and the vast numbers of people and government agencies who participated in the cover-up that ensued.

More specifically, in response to your theory that Walker was at the center of this conspiracy, I must disagree. In reading all of Walker's Warren Commission testimony I personally found Walker to be cooperative and eager to find the whole truth about the president's assassination as well as the truth about the attempt on his own life. Walker's eagerness to connect Oswald to the attempt on his own life BEFORE Marina disclosed that she knew about her husband's involvement in the attempt on Walker, tells me that Walker was never concerned about being implicated in such a conspiracy. IMO, if Walker was guilty of having been part of the conspiracy he would have been an utter fool to make such inferences so soon after the fact. I believe he did this out of pure frustration over the fact that the Dallas police had done so little in investigating the attempt on his life. Indeed this is why he hired his own investigator. Simply put, if Walker had been the mastermind of the Kennedy assassination, I believe he would have remained absolutely silent, and let history run it's course.

While I certainly would agree that there were many people in many groups who would have lined up to be part of this conspiracy, I believe that one of the reasons the conspiracy succeeded was because it involved a relatively small number of individuals. At it's center I believe you had two individuals, Santos Trafficante Jr., (the only member of organized crime involved in the CIA plots against Castro to survive the HSCA investigation), and Carlos Marcello, (the man who AG RFK illegally deported to Guatemala). Both of these men made statements to FBI informants prior to the assassination that suggested they had knowledge of the impending assassination. As for the rest, take your pick.


Craig C.

OK, Craig, to respond to the rest of your interesting post:

(1) I disagree with you that the Mafia had the strongest motive for the JFK murder. You might point to Carlos Marcello and the personal humiliation he suffered when RFK forcibly deported Marcello to Guatemala without a suitcase. That's pretty bad. But you would be neglecting the personal humiliation of General Walker when RFK and JFK sent him to an insane asylum.

And note that Walker was a former US General, while Carlos Marcello was a notorious crime figure. I think you might agree that the humiliation suffered by Walker was worse.

(2) It is very true that the CIA messed up in a big way when they hired many Mafia figures to help them assassinate Fidel Castro. This gave lots of Mafia figures the right to play big-shots -- even bigger than in Las Vegas -- now they could pretend that they were in the CIA. Lots of people were fooled by this nonsense.

(3) Also street thugs who played with the Mafia, like Frank Sturgis, David Ferrie, Jack S. Martin, Fred Crisman, Thomas Beckham and many others, were happy to pretend to be CIA agents. Lots of these people still fool writers like Joan Mellen into writing about them as though they really were CIA agents. Nothing of the kind.

(4) It is indeed interesting that James Hosty was watching both LHO and Walker. Yet Dick Russell reports that Mrs. Igor Voshinin called the FBI on 14 April 1963 (Easter Sunday) and told them that LHO had been Walker's shooter. Walker himself said in his personal papers that he learned that LHO was his shooter "within days". So, IMHO, James Hosty knew it was Oswald by Easter Sunday.

(5) The Mafia had no capability of executing such a crime. They only used up-close hit-men, anyway.

(5.1) The role of the Mafia in the JFK murder was to give MONEY to the Radical Right wing -- the only ones who were able to get close enough to JFK, and who truly hated JFK for his stand on Civil Rights.

(5.2) The murder of Medgar Evers on the night of JFK's Civil Rights speech in June 1963 was the opening shot of the JFK murder.

(6.0) I have consistently rejected CIA-did-it theories, as well as Mafia-did-it theories, as well as LBJ-did-it theories.

(6.1) IMHO, the only theory that accounts for ALL OF THE DATA is the Walker-did-it theory, which includes the Dallas Minutemen, who included members of the DPD, as well as rogues in City Hall, rogues in Military Intelligence, and rogues in the CIA.

(6.2) David Morales confessed to his role, and Bill Simpich has Morales in Mexico City trying to frame LHO.

(6.3) Howard Hunt confessed to his minor role on his deathbed to his son. Hunt knew few of the details.

(7.0) I have no doubt that people like Carlos Marcello contributed MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to the JFK murder plot.

(7.1) Yet the Mafia had no power to influence the US Government to start a JFK Cover-up, including Bethesda Naval Hospital tampering with JFK autopsy data.

(8.0) You say, Craig, that, "who pulled the triggers, matters little." I sharply disagree with you.

(8.1) To truly solve the JFK murder, we must first and foremost identify the Ground Crew. The good news is that some of them have already confessed.

(8.2) The ones who confessed, e.g. Frank Sturgis, David Ferrie (to Garrison), Johnny Martino (to his son), Lee Harvey Oswald (I'm just a Patsy!), and Gerry Patrick Hemming (to A.J. Weberman), were not Mafia hit-men. Nor were they CIA Agents.

(8.3) Instead, they were all RIGHT WING MERCENARIES. This fact solves the JFK murder.

(9.0) You found Walker's WC testimony to be "cooperative" and eager to find the truth. But you didn't also read Walker's personal papers. There you would find that (i) Walker hated and despised Earl Warren; (ii) Walker lied under oath to the Grand Jury in Mississippi in January 1963; (iii) that Walker lied under oath to the WC.

(9.1) There is plenty of proof, Craig, for my claims. Here is just one of many items: this letter of Walker to Frank Church admits -- contrary to his WC testimony -- that he knew about LHO going back to April 1963. http://www.pet880.com/images/19750623_EAW_to_Frank_Church.pdf

(9.2) Walker was mocking the Warren Commission from the very first day. He was having a laugh the whole time.

(9.3) You think that if Walker was involved in the JFK murder, he would never "make inferences so soon after the fact". But you don't know his personality, which shows fully in his personal papers. Walker was a bizarre show-off. He had a full-size billboard on his front lawn in Dallas that read: "IMPEACH EARL WARREN".

(9.4) Walker flew his American flag upside down upon news that JFK was coming to Dallas.

(9.5) The WC and the HSCA gave too little attention to General Walker -- however, IMHO J. Edgar Hoover, LBJ, Allen Dulles and Earl Warren all knew very well that General Walker was JFK's killer.

(10.0) The Warren Commission also knew that the Full Truth about the JFK Murder had to be kept from the American Public for at least 75 years. This is because it would have started riots in American streets during the Cold War, and the USSR would have exploited the fact.

(10.1) It is interesting that after the USSR fell in 1990, that President GHW Bush, during the final year of his administration, signed the JFK Records Act in 1992.

(10.2) This means that the US Government must finally release all Top Secret documents about the JFK murder on Thursday 26 October 2017. Less than two years from today.

(11.0) If the Mafia really did kill JFK, then Professor Robert Blakey of the HSCA would have already solved the case and would have had the last word.

(11.1) Today, Craig, even Professor Blakey himself doesn't stand behind his own Mafia-did-it theory.

(12.0) By the way, Walker didn't kill JFK just for revenge -- although the revenge was sweet against both JFK and LHO -- but the most important motive for Walker to kill JFK was to BLAME THE COMMUNISTS.

(12.1) This is why Walker worked for most of 1963 with Guy Banister of New Orleans, to trick LHO into pretending to be a Communist FPCC Director, both in New Orleans and in Mexico City.

(12.2) Guy Banister and his New Orleans crew fulfilled the job brilliantly.

(12.3) If Walker-Banister had been totally successful, however, the USA would have invade Cuba and killed Fidel Castro in response to the JFK murder.

(12.4) Since that didn't happen -- because of J. Edgar Hoover's brilliant "Lone Nut" counter-plot -- Walker failed in his main mission.

(12.5) So, at that point, Walker didn't care what happened anymore. He just kept making segregation speeches until people just stopped coming to hear him -- and then he just faded away.

(12.6) I have a Smashwords eBook on this topic -- but by far the best book on this topic today is brand new and comes from Dr. Jeffrey Caufield. The name of the book is: General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: The Extensive Evidence of Radical Right Conspiracy (2015).


--Paul Trejo

Edited by Paul Trejo
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