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Guest Bart Kamp

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As  most of you are aware the DPD released their files on its own website.

What perhaps a few of us did not know was that the files were available on two CDs released in 2000 as well. I find the website a chore to go through so this set is a welcome 'distraction'

I do not think this is all of it as it says 'selected files' still there are 1,147 files inside.

Managed to get hold of a set through Malcolm Blunt and have put all the files from those two discs into one zip/rar file.

The whole lot (just under 700 MB) can be downloaded from HERE.





Link is valid for 7 days.



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There is absolutely nothing wrong with the files.

I have d/l it and unrarred them all fine.

Get winrar, right click "extract here" or point to a location of your liking



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Bart is right.  There is nothing wrong with the files.

I used a free downloadable app on the net called 7zip to unzip the files.  It is an easy app to use.

BTW, thanks Bart.  Good source.

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