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Petition on the Assassinations of President Kennedy. Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy

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1 hour ago, Ray Mitcham said:

Paul, I spoke on a radio interview with Cynthia Lennon, John's first wife, some years ago, and asked her what she thought of the theory that he was murdered for his political ideas, and her cryptic reply was "I can't comment on that". I wondered then and still wonder now, why she said it.

Interesting. I wonder what Yoko and Pauls views are.

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Len Osanic will have a program on the Lennon case in the future.

Tom Jackman of the Washington Post  just ran a story on the Truth and Reconcilation Committee.

Hopefully the LA Times and NY Times will follow.  If you can believe it the NY Times actually suggested such a thing for the JFK case back in the late nineties.


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Yes, there will be approaches to congress first.  Plus there are a few lawyers involved--Alcorn, Schnapf, Krieg, Simpich--who can then approach DOJ.

I have proposed trying to get to the newest and most progressive members of the House.  Especially AOC and Pressley.  Senator Robert Kennedy would have been at home with both of them.  

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I wondered if, considering the petition includes Dr. King and Malcom X, and JFK and RFK did more for civil rights than any white person before, might the Black Caucus in Congress get behind it?  That's fifty five members.  If one of them sponsored a bill with all of them behind it that could be a good start.  If it came from John Lewis that would be a really big start there.  Having Dr. King's nephew signing it is a great start in this respect considering he has been president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a powerful organization.  But it would also be nice to see the signing/support of other influential People of Color.  From Dr. King's children and grandchildren to Reverend Jessie Jackson to Denzel Washington to Oprah.  President Obama is now out of office, maybe he could afford to support it at this point in time.  Jim Brown, Harry Belafonte, so many more.

Maybe some of their white counterparts would support their efforts, at least a few of the democrats.  Like RFK's grandson, Congressmen Joe Kennedy III.

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8 minutes ago, James DiEugenio said:

It did not.  In fact I just got an email from Talbot today on this plans for congressional reach out, and staging an inquest in Washington.

Can David Talbot make the case for conspiracy in 60 seconds?

Won't grab the attention of younger folks without the parsimonious case.

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