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Then went outside to watch the P. parade

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5 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

...it is the answer that Von Pein gets for what he did with Baker's first day affidavit.  He said it's the same thing except he got the floor wrong.

That's correct. And Francois agrees with me on this point without a shred of a doubt, as does every other "LNer" in the world (without a shred of a doubt). How could LNers NOT agree with me on this point about the Baker affidavit? They agree with me that Baker stopped Oswald in the lunchroom on the second floor. Ergo, they agree with me about what I have said about the affidavit of Baker.

And yet DiEugenio, incredibly, seems to want to isolate ONLY DAVID VON PEIN when it comes to this subject of Baker's affidavit (and other sub-topics too). How silly can Jimmy get?! ALL LNers think exactly like me when evaluating Marrion Baker's 11/22 affidavit! How could they think anything else?!

So why don't you start berating all those other LNers too, okay Jimmy? Because I've got news for you ---- there are a LOT more "LNers" out there besides just Francois Carlier and David Von Pein. And every single one of them knows that Marrion Baker, in his November 22 affidavit, was describing the one and only encounter he had with Lee Harvey Oswald (which occurred on Floor #2 and no other floor, as confirmed by Roy S. Truly).

http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2015/07 / The Lunchroom Encounter

http://drive.google.com / Video / CBS-TV Interview With Marrion L. Baker (1964)


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James DiEugenio said:

So FC, that is why that is it for the misrepresenter. And I will hold you to the same standard.  I do not mind arguing with the Dark Syde but if you do something like that, then that will be it.


If Francois ever dares to interpret the evidence in a proper, reasonable, and commonsense fashion (which James DiEugenio rarely does), then he (Francois) will be shunned and banished from Jimmy's Kingdom forever.

Good policy, Jim.  Eyeroll-Icon-Blogspot.gif

James DiEugenio said:

But I still think you and he belong at Duncan's [forum].  That is more like WWE.  We are more evidence based here.

LOL.gif  Oh good God! Give everybody a break!

"Evidence based"???? You???

You're the guy who has decided to just THROW OUT all of the following "evidence based" things....

1.) The paper bag that Oswald took to work on 11/22. (Jimmy has declared that that bag NEVER EXISTED AT ALL. Frazier & Randle [and the cops] just INVENTED it.)

2.) The lunchroom encounter. (Jimmy thinks it was COMPLETE FICTION. Just a made-up story by Truly & Baker & the cops).

3.) And Jim doesn't even think Howard Brennan was present at ANY POLICE LINEUP at all on November 22nd, 1963. (Jimmy has decided, on his own, to make Brennan's lineup go POOF! It's gone! It never happened, per this guy named James who claims he is so "evidence based"!)

And I'm sure I could add several more items to the above list of things that really did happen but Jim says never happened at all.

You're too much, Jimmy!


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2 hours ago, François Carlier said:

Why didn't Buell Frazier say that Oswald was with him ?

Well maybe we should’ve asked Paul Bentley that question? You know, since he gave Frazier a memorable polygraph later that evening and, of I’m not mistaken, still classified on the grounds of national security?

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18 minutes ago, David Von Pein said:

This is a very interesting interview. I have enjoyed watching it. To me, it shows two people telling us what happened on November 22, 1963. They both remember encountering Oswald on the second floor of the TSBD. [I also like the segment with Marrion Baker on the video "On trial : Lee Harvey Oswald"]
To me, that's evidence that the second floor encounter really took place.
But to some members of this forum, it just shows that I am gullible, since those two men are lying on behalf of the CIA...

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3 minutes ago, B. A. Copeland said:

Well maybe we should’ve asked Paul Bentley that question? You know, since he gave Frazier a memorable polygraph later that evening and, of I’m not mistaken, still classified on the grounds of national security?

No need for that. Buell Frazier is still alive and has been interviewed numerous times by all kinds of people. He never said that Oswald was with him when he was watching the motorcade, outside the TSBD, did he ?

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23 minutes ago, James DiEugenio said:

 I mean you know what they did to Frazier that night don't you?  

All (or most) of which was totally understandable from the point-of-view of the Dallas Police Department on the night of 11/22/63, in my opinion.

The cops have a suspect (Oswald) who they know was driven to work (along with the JFK murder weapon) on the morning of the assassination by this other TSBD worker (Frazier). The cops don't know what (if anything) Buell Frazier knows about the planning of the shooting. Maybe this guy Frazier is an accomplice. The police can't tell at that point.

Frazier's alleged "rough treatment" might be considered too excessive by some people, but IMO, given what the police knew and didn't know at that early hour on 11/22, I think the DPD's behavior with respect to Buell Wesley Frazier was totally within reason. (The part about Fritz "raising a hand" to hit Frazier is something I've got some doubts about, however. I'm wondering if that episode really did occur, or whether Buell was adding in a little extra "drama", shall we say, to the story he told later on. We know that Buell was prone to "add" some things to his story as the years went by. Such as the "added" part about Buell seeing Oswald walking down Houston Street after the assassination, which is something he never told anybody [AFAIK] until 2002.)

https://drive.google.com / Interview With Buell Wesley Frazier (June 21, 2002) (2 Hours)

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13 minutes ago, James DiEugenio said:

OMG Francois.

Can you be serious?

 I mean you know what they did to Frazier that night don't you?  I wrote about it at length in The JFK Assassination: The Evidence Today.

Oh, you did not read that book right?

You should.  

Whatever was done or told to Buell Frazier in 1963, nobody killed him nor did any physical harm to him. Besides, that was 55 years ago and whoever may have been there at the time is most probably dead today.
Are you saying that Buell Frazier is still afraid of the conspirators or the authorities ?
Come on, Buell Frazier has been seen everywhere, from JFK-Lancer conferences to Sixth Floor Museum interviews.
He is free to talk. You probably have met him during one JFK-Lancer conference or one of your trips to Dallas.
Has he ever told you that he thought that "prayer man" was Oswald ? Has he ever told you or somebody else that when he was outside Oswald was with him or near him ?
Has he ever told you that he knew that Oswald was near him, outside the building, but he was afraid to tell the truth ?
Those are legitimate questions. 
(I still haven't bought your most recent book, but I will, eventually)

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3 hours ago, Andrej Stancak said:

This is a good point, Francois. Time to ask Mr. Frazier once more about the person standing less than three feet from him. Mr. Frazier actually has been asked but somehow could not answer. So, why? If it would be some fellow employee, Mr. Frazier would say who Prayer Man was. He would not say who that man was only if it was Lee Oswald. Indirectly,  Mr. Frazier confirms that Prayer Man was someone of identity so sensitive that he cannot say.

I always wondered how could Mr. Frazier be so sure that Lee was innocent. Mr. Frazier says only nice things about Lee Oswald and believes in his innocence even if it was his testimony which pinned the guilt for Presidents killing onLee Oswald - the elongated paper bag and no bag with lunch.  Well, Mr. Frazier could be so certain only if he knew dead well that Lee was not the shooter. For instance, if he saw Lee less than three feet apart from him just seconds after the last shot. 

Someone has to ask him point blank as soon as possible and video tape the conversation.

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You do know FC that I wrote several pages on the subject, right?

Do you know what I wrote?

Please tell me what it was since you are so eager to dismiss it.  If it is so dismissible then you have no problem listing the main points right?  I await your reply.

(BTW, in poker this is a call on your bluff.)

Edited by James DiEugenio
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